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Always Abigail..............My Home Town

Always Abigail………………..

Always Abigail seems to have lost her way back to the present day world. I have spent the last weeks researching, developing and falling in love with Centralia, Vermont.

I remember an episode of Andy Griffin where Aunt Bee wrote a song about Mayberry, her hometown. It’s one of my favorite episodes producers they and change Aunt Bees song but in the end she prevails and they do the song her way and the world falls in love with “her home town”.

I often meet people from all over the world and most always talk about their home town. There is just something about your home town that you either love or hate. My visions of Centralia are of a town that most people would love to live in. Just like Cheers everyone knows your name and spends most of their time minding your business instead of their own.

Centralia is my new adopted hometown. A town of about 20,000 people Centralia has all the amenities of a big city with that wonderful feel of a small town. The people of Centralia come from near and far. Some are permanent resident and some come for just the summer and believe it or not some come for the winters that seem to last forever.

Centralia sprinkles with its early 19th century charm and 50’s throw back buildings that sit alongside beautiful colonel homes and one are two plantation homes. The local bakery Chastity’s always has fresh donuts by 6am. The place harkens the days of old fashioned bakeries. If you are looking for a refreshing cup of java to start the day Duncan’s House of Java will hit the spot. Duncan’s colonel style is a throwback to the days of George Washington a peak through the window will have you wondering if the British will be coming soon.

The four seasons are represented in Centralia each year by the change of scenery.
Summer welcomes visitors and citizens to stroll the tree lined streets enjoying the blossoming colors of summer as they invite you to experience all the Green Mountains have to offer.

Centralia residents and visitors enjoy concerts in the outdoor theatre while eating ice cream or enjoying a picnic on the lawn of the courthouse. The lazy hazy days of summer are a refreshing change for most residents who enjoy time outdoors buying and eating fresh fruits and vegetables at Farmer Dells outdoor market.

The 4th of July is the centerpiece of summer in Centralia. Local residents decorate their yards and an old time barbershop quartet serenades the crowd that turns out for the official Centralia 4th of July Celebration. As day turns to night the fireworks display is as impressive as most big cities. The Labor Day boat launch of old 19th century sailboats caps an impressive summer of outdoor fun.

The end of summer ushers in the autumn winds of fall. The welcoming flakes of the first snow are as intoxicating as your first taste of maple syrup in early winter.

As the kids of Centralia return to school the Fall Festival and Harvest celebrations began. The changing of the leaves decorate nature and Centralia as the yards of residents began to resemble Hallmark Cards. Norman Rockwell could not paint a better portrait of typical American life in 2060.

Thanksgiving is a hall mark of the year end celebrations. Residents enjoy an after dinner celebration at the courthouse which marks the anniversary of deluge a return to freedom for the world.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The town Christmas tree is the center point of activity and each year the yard decoration competition adds fun to the festive celebration.

Residents count on the snow fall for sled rides around the town square. Snowmen and women line the streets adding beauty to the twinkling light displays that circle the entire town. Carolers dressed in Dickens garb serenade families as they give out hot chocolate and enjoy “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.

Yes, Always Abigail has a home town that she grew up in but her favorite home town is Centralia Common Wealth.

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