Monday, May 17, 2010

Always Abigail spends Sunday

I had a fantastic weekend in Centralia. Jack had an emergency so I was pretty much on my on Sunday. I enjoy a long leisure morning sitting on the B&B’s porch watching the wonders of nature.

After a delicious lunch at the inn, I headed over to Maya Silver’s spa for a facial. Maya’s family is one of the original families that settled the area over a 1,000 year ago.

Many of the ladies of the village were there Sunday. I was really happy to see Sabrina. Sabrina is tall, I mean tall. (Always Abigail, stop I am not a freak. I did not say that Sabrina you’re like Amazon tall is all. ALWAYS ABIGAIL! I know Sabrina leave).

I just don’t get it! All I do is try and help out with love and people get all up in my face. (Well Abigail maybe it is your approach. Naw could not be that the problem Luc! How is Zoe you know she really smells like cherries. Abigail got to hell!) OK, so maybe I am too direct...

I ended the day at Parker's Fresh Air Market and got a few fruits & veggies to take back to the city with me

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