Monday, May 17, 2010

Always Abigail spends Sunday

I had a fantastic weekend in Centralia. Jack had an emergency so I was pretty much on my on Sunday. I enjoy a long leisure morning sitting on the B&B’s porch watching the wonders of nature.

After a delicious lunch at the inn, I headed over to Maya Silver’s spa for a facial. Maya’s family is one of the original families that settled the area over a 1,000 year ago.

Many of the ladies of the village were there Sunday. I was really happy to see Sabrina. Sabrina is tall, I mean tall. (Always Abigail, stop I am not a freak. I did not say that Sabrina you’re like Amazon tall is all. ALWAYS ABIGAIL! I know Sabrina leave).

I just don’t get it! All I do is try and help out with love and people get all up in my face. (Well Abigail maybe it is your approach. Naw could not be that the problem Luc! How is Zoe you know she really smells like cherries. Abigail got to hell!) OK, so maybe I am too direct...

I ended the day at Parker's Fresh Air Market and got a few fruits & veggies to take back to the city with me

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Always Abigail spends time in Centralia Village with Friends?

Evenings in Centralia Village harkens the day of old when there was no TV or radio. The stars come out at dusk as residents turn on their porch lights as a beacon to the fireflies and mosquitoes.

The Green Mountains are a haven for full moons that serve as an anchor for lovers. Most of the homes round here are old colonials that date back over five centuries. You can still find doors unlocked and kids still play in the streets until nightfall.

Centralia is what America use to be way back in the days before any of these residents ever lived. A fellow named Bruce Springsteen use sing about places like this.

It’s such a beautiful night I think I’ll head on over to Luc’s Steakhouse for dinner. Most folks round here head to Luc’s when they want a fancy dinner. It’s on the shore and the moonlight on the water is breath taking.

The owner Lucas Woolf is a distant cousin of Jack’s. Luc’s ma and pa came from Russia and settled here back in 2012. Luc owns steakhouses all over but spends most of his time right here in the Village. I see Luc’s Aston Martin is parked in the lot and so is Zoe Clovers pick-up. Zoe has been in love with Luc since forever and now that she’s graduated from Columbia and moved back home she’s determined to make Luc hers. I think I might be able to make her dreams come true!

(Don’t go making trouble Abigail, Zoe is a sweet child but she’s too young for me. Umm Luc she’s 22? Let it be Abigail. Ok, Luc, I let it go for now.)

I am not sure why Luc doesn’t recognize Zoe as his mate. I know her smell must be driving him crazy she smells just like fresh candy apples. (Always Abigail are you serious!! Am I Luc’s mate? Well…. Um….. ABIGAIL! No need to shout Luc, I can hear just fine. Abigail if you don’t I am calling Jack. Ok, Luc, geez you don’t have to be a tattle tale! As for you Zoe, your mate will come for you when learns some common sense!)

I see Iszabella “Bella” Coleman I think I’ll sit with her. (Always Abigail, I heard you were in town. How are you? I am fine Bella. Here comes Dawson, the waiter I’ll have a steak, well done, baked potato, Caesar salad and a slice of strawberry cheesecake for dessert.)

Bella is the local doctor. She grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to Centralia about 6 years ago to take care of her grandmother. (Always Abigail, how long are in you town? Just for the weekend Bella. How is your grandmother? She’s fine, thanks for asking. Bella is that Conrad Marlowe sitting over there? He looks yummy. I think it’s time you leave Always Abigail before you cause trouble).

*sigh* “Luc dinner was delicious as always” “Good bye Abigail”. Since I did not get my dessert I think I’ll head on over to the ice cream shop. Centralia Village is one of the only towns in Vermont that still has a fully functional ice cream shop with a soda jerk.

Coopers Soda Fountain is spectacular. It’s decorated in red and white, with marble floors and booth seats. The walls are plastered with the outdated coca cola memorabilia. Customers can sit at the counter and watch as Chuck Taylor make root beer floats or banana splits. The best thing about Coopers is the juke box that plays the golden oldies from the 1990s and 2000’s.

I see Daisy Newmont I think I’ll sit at the counter with her and listen to the jukebox. Chuck I’ll have a Root beer float, please!

Daisy is a reporter for the local newspaper the Green Mountain Review. Sweet girl Daisy always wears yellow and a daisy on her shirts with an embroidered “D”. She graduated from Green Mountain Community College a couple of years ago. Daisy lives on the out skirts of Centralia with her twin sisters Trudy and Tricia.

(Always Abigail, I would love to interview you for the paper. I hear you’re stirring up trouble all over town. No, I am not Daisy. Speaking of trouble how is Trevor Maldonado? Go to hell Always Abigail Chuck cancel my order I am leaving!)
Chuck, make that to go. I think I’ll just sip on my float as I walk over to the Centralia Dinner Theater.

The Dinner Theater is owed by the Magnolias. Most residents come by on Saturday night to watch the local community theater put on plays or musicals. I see Malory Sampson talking to Zackary Birch. I think I’ll speak to them since they are fated mates…… I hear my starlight phone. I better take it might be important.

(Hello, Hi Jack, No, I am not causing trouble. I am just enjoying the village. Breakfast, yes I would love to have breakfast Jack.)

Where was I? Looks like everyone has run off…..Oh, well I think I’ll head back to the B&B and get some sleep…

*somewhere in the village* Jack, Abigail has to be stopped she is causing problems all over town. I have received 100 phone calls about her medaling or interfering. She has to be stopped Jack or should I say Prince Wolfgang………..

Always Abigail

Almost Abigail Visits Centralia Village

Always Abigail smiles because she’s got the sweetest love. Yep, I sure do. *Smiling*.

I am in Centralia Village for the entire weekend.
I staying over at Barb’s Bed & Breakfast and let me recommend the grits to ya; they are delicious with homemade biscuits & maple syrup the pan fried maple syrup bacon ain’t bad either.

Barb and her husband Jesse are from Natchitoches, La. They own the Hospitality B&B’s down south. Barb’s heart is here in Centralia Village at the B&B.

I think I am going to wonder around the city and introduce ya’ll to some of the citizens. There is nothing on earth like the fresh air and beauty of the Green Mountains to start a beautiful day.

I think we ought to stop by Mayor Fields house and pay a visit before we venture too far in to the city.

Mayor Christian Fields is a west coast transplant somewhat. Her family lived her before the tragedy. They moved to Sacramento in the late 30’s she and her ma moved back to Centralia about 28 years ago when the mayor was two. Sweet girl our mayor she just can’t seem to find love hum *thinking*.

(Always Abigail keep your paws out of my love life. Come on Christian I got the perfect guy in mind for ya. I swear you will love him *grinning*! Absolutely not and get off my porch Always Abigail and don’t come back).

That did not go so well and maybe the reason the Mayor Fields is still single. No matter what the mayor says I am going to work on finding her a man.

Since the mayor is going to be so inhospitable I say we walk on down to Jake’s for lunch. Jake’s from the Midwest, he owns the local diner. They serve good food.

The diner is an old railroad car and Chef Tom can make anything. I think I’ have a chipotle hamburger with homemade fries. I see Jake the owner’s behind the counter. Jake is a sweet fella sexy as hell with those sexy chocolate brown eyes and muscles for day *sigh*)

Though Jake has been kind of testy lately he just found out his mate is Shannon Lanier our local Sheriff. Maybe he and Shannon need my help getting together I think I’ll… (Abigail!! Hi Jake. So, what’s up with you and Shannon? Abigail mind your own dam business. Tom one chip & fry for our resident writer so she can get the hell out of my diner and leave my love life alone).

I think I’ll take my lunch to the park and enjoy the day. Some of the residents seem a little out of sorts…….Oh; yeah my reason for being in Centralia Sabrina and Jack…………..

Sabrina and Jack have not officially been introduced but her sweet cotton candy scent is driving him crazy. Jack smells it all over town and can’t seem to track down the scent………………

Here is Jack now (Causing trouble are ya Abigail.Who me Jack? No. I was just trying to be helpful. Abigail, I have got calls from all over town and you have only been here 4 hours. May I suggest you go back to the B&B and not cause any more trouble. But I was headed to the park. Abigail*shouting*! Ok, Ok, Jack who died and left you King. Abigail as you well know the king is not dead and he left me in charge! I am the Prince……)

*Stunned* I guess I better got back to the B&B and eat my lunch….
Always Abigail

Friday, May 14, 2010

Always Abigail creates a Village, Calms Her Heroine?

Centralia is a beautiful Village in Vermont or it was before the granite mines blew up. Centralia Village is the third largest city after Burlington and South Burlington. It is located deep in the Green Mountains. The Village is one of the oldest in Vermont having been established in 1790.

The families that stayed after the explosion are some of the kindest folks you will ever know.

Take Ebb Forest, who owns the supermarket chain Forest Foods. Ebb's a strange sort of fella so is his whole family especialy his half-brother Jack Wolfgang.

A little know fact around these parts is that Jack owns a chain of strip clubs called Knockers. Ebb told me once his great-great-grand pa owned the general store back in the early 2000 when the mines blew. Ebb’s family gave food away to the families of the miners when the tragedy struck.

People round here are like that willing to help out when they can. Like Sallie Meadow, the local dance teacher she‘s a former show girl from New York. She gives out free dance lessons to the young girls who can't afford it. Yep, Centralia is a beautiful small town with many secrets. Take Bryn Magnolias the local florist she use to date Ebb Lawson until……..

(Abigail I thought this story was about me and my mate not about the residence of Centralia. Jack! *rolling eyes*)

I love my Village of Centralia. I always thought I was a New England kind of girl. The picket fences beautiful fall yard decorations. Idyllic is the only word that describes this town. Centralia Village, Vermont is fairly large with about 20,000 residents most are business owners who come to Centralia from around the world to get away from their daily lives. One of the towns favorite residents is Sabrina Laurence the town librarian.

Sabrina my heroine is smart, beautiful, and a librarian, did I tell ya she hates her mate. Jack is to domineering, arrogant, she tells me. I keep telling her Jack is her guy. (Almost Abigail, come on I need another mate who does not own a chain of strip joints. Trust me Sabrina, Jack is your mate). Add Image

Sabrina as I was saying is beautiful and brilliant. She is a long time Centralia resident. She graduated Centralia High, went to Harvard (Always Abigail what is it with you and Harvard, I actually went to Sarah Lawrence. I know Sabrina but I love Harvard). Sabrina went to Sarah Lawrence. Her parents Mike and Trudy Laurence are childhood sweethearts who doted on their youngest of 4 and only daughter.

One has to wonder how Jack is going to react when Sabrina's older brothers find out she’s his mate…... (Always I forgot about my brothers they will change your mind *smirks*)

I love writing the characters take on a life of their own.........
Always Abigail

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Always Abigail Writing, Songs, Ego?

About that writing thing...............
Yesterday my story was finally beginning to flow or so I thought. Jacob who now wants to be called Jack is doing nothing but complaining .
Jack Wolfgang is not happy with me he hates his mate she is everything he does not want in a mate. A nice quiet librarian. Jack wants a hot girl, a stripper. I keep telling him it's not gonna happen. Jacks fated mate is................(I know u want a stripper Jack I have heard you loud and clear. Are you speaking to me again? Of course I want you to be happy Jack. Trust me Jack you are going to love your mate. Yes, I know her name. Ummm, well she's not happy with your rejection and she does not want me to tell you her name). No Jack she does not have a stripper name like Delicious *SMH*)
Where was I? oh, yeah Jack's mate name is (Always Abigail, I forbade you to tell that oath my name! What? He's an oath who hangs out at strip clubs for 200 years looking for his mate.).....Sorry readers we are having some technical difficulties give me a moment to umm, speak with my heroine.
Look, Always Abigail, Woffie a/k/a Mr. Fang, and I can't be mates I would kill him! He is a arrogant asshole. Sabrina, Let me assure you once he meets you no stripper will ever compare. Always Abigail, I am not speaking to you until give me a better mate than Mr. Fang Woffie.
Look you two you are mates and you better get use to it. Sabrina, Woffie is a nice guy, Woffie, I mean Jack, Sabrina is beautiful and she is your perfect mate in every way.
See, I not a writer! I haven't figured out how to live with these two in my head. Jacob wants to be Jack and he wants a stripper. Sabrina, actually has a really cool middle name that Jack is going to love but she has forbade me to tell Jack. It is a hell of a thing to deal with.
How do I navigate this chaotic world. Music! It's also something that unites Woffie and Sabrina. Music *cue the music*!
My second muse is music it soothes my soul and along with great chocolate it makes writing fun.
Jack has a big ego(*cue Beyonce Ft Kanye West Ego*) and rightly so despite what Sabrina thinks living 200 years without your mate has been hard on Jack. Jack is a strong confident man who knows what he wants in his mate a straight up no holds bared vamp.
I keep wondering how the story will end. (I know your sorry Jack. No! I want tell you her middle name, Yes, it's the one she uses daily. Sabrina is her first name her parents thought it would be cute to give her a exotic middle name.) (Thanks, Always Abigail, I am sorry to but this is all Woffies fault).
Yep, this writing thing is kind of fun once the words start to flow the characters not so much.
Always Abigail

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Always Abigail Deals With 6th Grade, Writing & Breakfast?

Living the life of Almost Abigail is like being a feature stripper at the hottest club in town.
Everyone wants ya' but you know at the end of the night you are going home alone. I know the analogy is a little raw but hey a girl can dream: Come to the stage Always Abigail *grinning* while working the pole like a pro.

Um, back to what I was writing about. My Omega A/K/A Shelby always manages to bring home, homework for me. Being her mom is not good enough for my Omega she likes it when I keep busy bogged down in her homework.

Who know I would I spend my evenings making posters for science class and write stories for Language Art after 10 years (OK, it is a little more like 7 years. NO? Would you believe 15? No? MOVING ON).

Yep, just like a stripper all the guys in the audience want me until they realized I am all plastic and good lighting. My Omega loves that I 'help" she often falls asleep as I finish one project after another. A stripping moms job is never done.

I have found my muse. I really have. Always Abigail the stripping librarian? Coming to the stage Always Abigail the sexy, librarian! My Muse is chocolate. I am writing for a chocolate treat just like Scooby did for his snacks.

While indulging in my muse I found it! I have actually found the town that I am going to set my story in. Centralia which of course is a real town in Pennsylvania or it use to be until the mines exploded and left a giant sink hole in the place. I am a paranormal writer (OK, want to be writer) what did you expect.

My story is set 200 years in the future the world has changed little from the way it is now. Well, maybe it has changed a little I mean when was the last time you meet a 200 year old Vampire named Frederick.

My hero's name is not Frederick but he is 200 years old he is your average 6'4 (what u are 6"7 ok,) 6'7 good looking bad ass with fangs. Richer than Buffet smarter than Gates. Lonelier than Hallie Berry. Jay if he will allow me to call him that is looking for love in all the wrong places. You guesses it Jay (OK, I want calling you Jay) Mr. Fangs (don't like that either). Please stop reading while I argue with Mr. Fang!

(Look I know what your name is. Of course I will tell the people your name, I was not being disrespectful call you Mr. Fang. Your future mates calls that and you love it! OK, I will call you by your name. Nuf Sed.

Where was I, oh yeah my hero whose name is Jacob *under my breathe Mr. Fang* is lonely and looking for love in all the wrong places i.e. strip clubs. As you can see Jacob *Mr. Fang* and I have a delightful relationship. He whispers to me all the freaking time. I mean who would whisper to a Neurotic! Uhhhhh!

Well, it's about time for breakfast. I can smell a delicious Hazelnut coffee in my future. MMMM, Jacob and I love our Hazelnut Coffees like strippers love clear heels........

Always Abigail

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Always Abigail Blogger

About this blogging thing......
I am not a blogger, I am not a blogger. Well, I just might be!
I am just pretending to be a blogger. Yesterday I created this blog and by night fall I set and reset my password twice .
A neurotic should never blog. I want the perfect blog. I want my blog to "POP" when you read it.
I can see it now Always Abigail "blogger extraordinaire". The View, Nightline, Letterman.
A blogger can dream can't she.
There are a few kinks to blogging remembering your password and the name of your blog
Always Abigail

Monday, May 10, 2010

Always Abigail

Hi, I am Abigail-Madison Chase-Phils but you can call me Always Abigail. I am a 20 somthing (ok make that 40 and holding) mom of 2 who is some what nureotic.
Here are some facts about me.
I am 5'10 (ok I am a little over 5'0)
I am 36' 24 36' (so my measurements of not of importance)
I 28 (we allready covered this)
I am the mom of two (this is true Hunter & Shelby my Apha 3/1/95-12:20am and Omega 3/31/97 12:21pm).
How did I manage that who the hell knows but it is pretty cool!
I am a highly trained professional (ok, well I am a professional the highly trained part no so much)
I am a writer (ok a want to be writer).
Now that you know a little about me you can travel with me as I blog daily ok maybe not daily but surely weekly about lifes little pet pevs! I got a lot of them and if you got the time I can hold your ear and complain.
Always Abigail