Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Town Gossip

Ebb Turner sat in the middle of the mall still observing as people began to make their way to their private apartments or to the courtyard for dinner. Ebb loved it when the food court got busy. It was the best time to get the latest gossip. There was nothing like being stuck in the mall for the evening to loosen the tongues of men. Don’t look so outraged. Men are the biggest gossips in the world. They might not say it but they often gossip.

Tonight it looked like most of the folks in town were stuck in the mall. Looking over to the Ice Cream Parlor Ebb saw Barley, Aiden and Jake. Barley owned a dairy farm on the Outskirts of town and Aiden and Jake worked at the local police station. There should be a whole lot of gossip amongst the men tonight.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Maya: The Spa

Ladies may I have your attention. Due to the excessive snow fall Mayor Fields is requiring everyone to spend the night at the mall. Maya made the announcement over the loud speak.

This was going to be a busy night. Based on the report from the sheriff’s office she and the others might be snowed in the mall for the rest of the week. Thank goodness she and her staff maintained apartments in the mall like the rest of the residents of Centralia.

Picking up her current guest list she called ahead to ensure each ladies keys were brought over and left at the front desk. Looking down the list she noted Always Abigail and Shannon her ex daughter in law were getting a massage as well as her sons current fiancé Meredith. Well this should be interesting. Always Abigail’s apartment adjoined those belonging to both Always Abigail and her son. Since Shannon was a guest in town it would be expected that she stay in either of the apartments. This should be interesting.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Spa

Meredith changed heavy in thought. Bending down to takeoff her shoes she missed the two women coming through the front door. “Shannon, this is just what we need! A nice relaxing massage,a soak, and a facial! I do hope that Sophia is here today. I swear that woman’s hands are magic!” Shannon sighed as Always Abigail prattled on. She loved her ex mother in law but at times the woman could drive her to a distraction. Looking around Shannon was reminded of old times when she and her friends would come to the spa and enjoy a girl’s day out. Smiling she stretched. When she and Zach first married and moved to Centralia those were the best times in their marriage. Rubbing her neck she followed Always Abigail into the massage room. Maybe this was what she needed a little time to get herself together. Besides that Peter would be here soon and she would feel much, much better about meeting Zach and his fiancé. Closing her eyes she continued to listen at Always Abigail as she detailed her list of things to do that afternoon. Always Abigail seemed to slowly quite down to only grunts of pleasure as Sophia began her massage. Reaching over to her left side Sophia turn on what Shannon recognized as Always Abigail favorite musical artist. The music added to the holistic atmosphere as the smell of jasmine began to move in the air. This was surely what she need. Always Abigail was right. Funny the woman always seemed to know what people needed to feel better.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Spa

Meredith called ahead to the spa to ensure she could get in. In a rush she stopped at Tricia’s Dress Shop. No way was she meeting Zach's ex in her ratty old dress and scuffed shoes. A new dress and a sexy pair of shoes were in order. Choosing a sapphire dress and matching strappy sandals she paid the clerk and ask that the clothes be sent over to the spa later. Smiling as she almost skipped across the mall walk way, Meredith was ready to get a massage and relax. That's what she needed to clear her head and prepare to meet her fiancé’s ex.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Meredith watched the women from the upper levels of the mall. So, this was Zach’s ex. The picture he kept in his study did not do her justice. The raven haired, dark chocolate beauty was not the ugly beast Meredith wish she was. She was even more beautiful in person.

Taking a deep breath she studied the woman as she enjoyed her lunch with Always Abigail. Why was she back in Centralia? According to Always Abigail she was happily married and living in Paris. What should she do? Should she speak to her?

Looking down at herself she noticed her shoes seemed a little more scuffed than usual and her dress was not as pretty as she would have liked it to meet Zach’s ex. Darn, what a day to meet the ex. Maybe she should book a room at the spa.