Friday, December 24, 2010

In the Meadow We Can Build A Snowman

My I have this dance.

Turning Meredith grabbed Zach’s hand. Pulling her close he closed his eyes and the clean fresh scent of her enveloped.
“You know I never would have thought I would be out here dancing with a elf. Maybe a fairy, but never an elf.”

Twirling Meredith around Zach laughed as she frowned and tried to hit him.

“I thought we were over.”

“We’ll never be over Meredith.”

“I thought you were playing Santa tonight”

“I am. My mother’s interference knows no bounds.”

“I happen to love your mother.”

Pulling Meredith closer again Zach was not here to discuss his mother. He was here to ask the woman he loved to marry him. After, four years of her leading him on a merry chase Zach was ready to catch her.

Ok, so it was the other way around. Zach spent four years running away from the woman he held in his arms now. Meredith was his past, present and future. She was the woman he loved.

“Meredith do you ever think about the day we met “

“Always, it was the day I began to live again.”

On bended knee Zach asked Meredith to marry him...

Under the stars that Christmas Eve Zach and Meredith made plans for the future.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dashing Thru the Snow

The cold air blasted crept in the room as Meredith and Zach slept. The snow fell study all night as they slept.

Zach kept putting the logs on the fire to combat the cold. Around midnight the call came through this would be the worst storm of the last days of the first half of the new millennium.

Soon the cold would drive the two to share the warmth of the same bed.

Snuggling closer the two slept the night away.

In the courtyard

Zach smiled as he remembered that night 4 years ago. Walking down the stairs it took him 4 years to realize what he knew that night his future and destiny lay in the hands of the beautiful woman twirling in the snow.

The day she left the house he nearly went crazy form boredom. It was then he began to court her. It took 4 years for this night to happen.

Zach tapped his pocket he was prepared to ask Meredith to marry him.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Snuggling closer to Zach, Meredith watched as the snow began to slowly fall. In front of the B & B carolers dressed in period costumes sang. Centralia was a beautiful wonderland of snow and Christmas.

Zach looked over and smiled as Meredith enjoyed the carolers. This was the best afternoon he’d spent with a woman in a long time.

“We need to head back to the courthouse the snow storm is moving in. Soon the snow will be to thick to see. The tunnels are heated but in storm like this it’s’ possible the heat might not kick in till tomorrow.

The sleigh headed back to the courthouse as the two cuddled. Mr. Buchman tipped his hat and helped Meredith down. Thanking him Meredith and Zach hurried to the courthouse as the snow began to fall harder.

“Zach is Mr. Buchman going to be ok?” Meredith turned as asked looking back as Mr. Buchman disappeared in the falling snow.

“He lives across the street and his stable is in the back. He will be ok. You can call him if like once we get home.”

Zach liked that about Meredith. She was always concerned about the people she met in town. Going down the stairs they ride in silence to the stairs that lead to his house.

Coming in the house through the kitchen the house was warm and cozy.

“I think you should sleep live up stairs until this is over. This storm looks pretty bad. This area although it has lots of fireplaces is harder to keep heated. The upstairs is a lot smaller and easier.

“Let me get some of my things.”

“No, worries honey dip. I had Mrs. Maloney move your things before she left. The kitchen is fully stocked and there is enough wood for a year.”

“Ok, I am tired and ready to go to bed.”

Opening the door to the upstairs apartment Meredith’s breath caught as she saw a tree just like down stairs decorated and full of gifts. Running to the tree Meredith shook all the gifts like a kid.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas Baby


There was so much he wanted to share with Meredith before she left his care. Taking out his phone he text the others to let them know he would be delayed. The text he got back gave him the break he need. The repairs to the B&B only took a few seconds everyone was leaving.

Zach sat and made a few more phone calls to arrange things for the afternoon. Opening the large hand carved doors he looked around for Meredith.

“The B&B is finished. I thought Meredith might like a sleigh ride around town before we are snowed in for until Christmas.”

Meredith was eating bacon almost jumped out her seat she was so excited about seeing the town.

“Give me a sec and I’ll get dressed.”

“Take your time we’ll use the tunnels to go to the courtyard. Besides I ordered some warm clothes and they should be here soon.”

Mrs. Maloney smiled as she watched Meredith hug Zach. The two belonged together but if she was right Zach would take a long time to reel in. Every time it seemed he was making progress and move forward. He moved two steps back.

Watching the two Mrs. Maloney was betting her chips on Meredith. It may take some time but in the end Meredith would end up her man,

“Mrs. Maloney, you are invited two if you like.”

“I don’t think so; I am headed home to enjoy my fireplace.”

“Knock, Knock.” Walking through the door, Always Abigail with a large dress bag.

“I brought this just for Meredith. I think she will love it.”

“Thanks Always Abigail. Will you and Mrs. Maloney help me shower and dress.”

“I am Zach want mind doing the dishes.”

“Of course I will mother.” Smiling Zack saw the frown that crossed his mother as Meredith bellowed for her to come and helper. He was more than happy that his mother was keeping her nose out of his love life.

The dressing was something a beautiful fairy should wear. Twirling Meredith was stunned at how beautiful she was.

The floor length dress and matching coat looked like something out of a 1940’s movie. The dress was sapphire and body fitting. The wool a matching coat flared out at the bottom. On the lapel there was a beautiful peacock broach. The high neck gave

Meredith and elongated appearance. The beautiful matching muff had a hand stitched peacock. All together the entire ensemble gave her a classic look movie star look.

Coming through the door Zach stopped in his tracks. Meredith was always beautiful in his eyes. But now she looked like a snow princess.

“Meredith are you ready the tunnels are ready for us.


Through the tunnels was pretty quick on the underground train. Climbing up the stairs it took only a second for the two to make their way to the courthouse. The stairs that lead up to the first floor was old and beautiful.

The entire first floor of the courthouse was glass. Meredith walked over and looked out. The entire courtyard was beautiful. There was snow everywhere. It was a winter wonderland. The houses and tree lined streets glowed with Christmas lights and decorations. The over cast sky gave the place an eerie wonderland look. The town of Centralia was like something out of a miniature Dickens novel.

“Come Meredith let me show you my Centralia before the next storm comes in. Looking out the window Meredith saw a beautiful Christmas sleigh along with garland sleigh bleeds and Clydesdale horses.

Rushing out the door Meredith smiled as a man dressed as a character out of Dickens helped her on the sleigh. Covering her with the blanket that was hot Zach told the driver to go.

“The blanket has its own energy packet that should last until we make out first stop. We will exchange them along the way for warmer blankets. You should stay warm."

The town looked deserted except if you looked close most of the stores and building were full of people who used the underground tunnels to move around.

Snuggling closer to Zach Meredith was happier than she’d ever been.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It’s Lovely Weather For Sleigh Ride With You

“I hear your grandparents will be back next week”. Mrs. Maloney said as she checked the grits and turned the bacon over”

Zach in the other room stopped. He’d come back for his gloves. He should have known the paradise with Meredith would not last long. He’s enjoyed taking care of her

Last night after he finished scratching her inching arm she’d drifted off into a deep sleep as the snow began to fall. He’d left her on the couch until the call came through from Sheriff Shannon saying a nor ‘easterner was coming fast toward them.

Setting his room up for Meredith’s occupation he’d pulled out the electric blanket and brought her upstairs to make sure she was warm. Like the gentleman he was not he sleep on the pull out sofa. Watching Meredith sleep as the snow fell outside he fell asleep before he could start the fire.

Sitting down he realized he was not ready to let Meredith leave his house. He enjoyed the time they spent together talking or just watching the lights on the tree with a roaring fire blaze. In the short span of weeks Meredith was a part of his life he hated to let go of.

This is the first Christmas in a long time he was excited. He’d bought her gift weeks ago but every time they talked and he learned more about her he added to the treasure trove of gifts for her. He’d made plans for the two of them.

Present Day

Descending the courthouse stairs Zach watched as Meredith twirled in the snow laughing. He was happy that she was. It had taken him 4 years to realize his heart was not whole without the wacky women below.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Soon it will be Christmas Day

Meredith awoke cold. Her arm was not long itching as it was last night Pulling the covers closer she realized the room she was in was not her own. Looking around the room had a very masculine feel to it. The curtains were brown covering at least six long windows and blinds. The walls were a light brown with dark brown trim. The furnishings were in a rich mahogany and from what she could see of the bathroom it was also a rich marble brown.

The Queen Anne night stands and furnishings held pictures with lots of smiling faces. To her right was the most beautiful grand piano. Next to the piano was a extra large fire place left of the piano two huge doors stood. The fireplace looked as if it was hand carved. The mantle like the room was brown with intricate carving of children at play on side and wolves on the other. Preparing to investigate the beautiful fireplace, Meredith accidentally placed her hand on the remote next to her. The windows opened and Meredith saw the snow piled high. Shivering she made her way to the window.

The earth was quite. The tree lined street was covered in snow. The only thing that was not was the driveways. According to Molly the city had an underground heating system that melted snow on most streets and drive ways. Meredith shivered again as the door opened.

“Get back into the bed Meredith. It snowed at least 20 inches last night. I brought you to my room until I get the fireplaces going real good.

His arms full of wood, Zach began unloading and placing it in the extra large fireplace.

“Is the entire town snowed in? Is the electricity off? Meredith said as she hopped back in the bed her feet were freezing.

Throwing more wood on the fire he was lighting Zach took off his large jacket and hat sitting down next to the fireplace he began to talk.

“The entire town is covered and most of the electricity is off. We should be ok though. The town has invested in green power and we use the abundance of snow as electricity. It will take a few says for it to kick in though.

I have a lot of battery operated stuff if you want to watch TV or listen to the radio. I have a two year stock of batteries. I also have 20 generators that can be used if all else fails plus a large stock of wood is stored below every house. Every house and business in town has to be built with at least 3 fireplaces to ensure that folks don’t freeze to death in the long winters. Old man winters supplies firewood to folk before the winter starts and the rooms it’s stored in are specially built to ensure it does not dry out.

We stock up on food at the end of every summer just like folks did in the 1880’s. We store fresh fruits and vegetables in a root cellar that is accessible from inside the house. There is also a tunnel underground that allow residents to move about freely and visit. It also takes you to the local grocers. I’ll take you on a tour later this afternoon after we get the house warm enough for you to move around.

I hope you are not scared. Most winters are long and hard. Folks who choose to live in Centralia make preparations all year long to make sure we all make it through.
The roads should be passable in a few days. Until them we’ll use the ham radio communicate with everyone in town. IF you look over by the piano there is a list of check in times for everyone in town. That is one of the ways that the sheriff makes sure that everyone is safe.

Meredith looked at Zach and smiled as he stroked the fire still shivering she snuggled down in the bed and pulled the covers higher.

“My room is the easiest to heat quickly and also the most self contained. Behind the doors next to the piano there is a full kitchen and living room complete and separate from each other. When I had the house built I planned to use this part as a rental property. I liked it so much I never did.

The bottom is so big it takes the 4 fireplaces a little longer to get going. In about an hour you should be able to move around with no problem. So, what do you want to do while we wait? I can turn the TV or radio on if you like”

“I would love to know about the tunnels under the city.”

“The tunnels were built about one hundred years ago and connect most of the original houses and stores. Whenever new homes or businesses are built they also connect to the tunnel system.”

Zach began to explain more as the door opened and Molly minus the twins popped her head in.

“Zach, Justin is waiting on you downstairs. I am here to stay with Meredith till you come back. The B&B is having some problems with it’s fireplaces and all the men in town are meeting to help Jessie out.”

Putting his coat back on Zach tipped his hat and left the ladies alone.

“How are you feeling Meredith?”

“I am ok”

“Dare I ask why you are in Zach’s room or should I just assume you and Zach have taken your relationship to another level”

“Apparently after it began to snow Zach brought me here since this room is easiest to warm besides if you look over to the couch you’ll see that Zach sleep over there.
Smiling Molly began to speak again.

“Have you had a chance to explore? Yet

Shaking her head no. Meredith pushed the covers back to get out of the bed.

“Well come on let’s fix you and me some breakfast. Always Abigail should be here soon along with Mrs. Maloney. I sure Zach and the others will enjoy breakfast at the B&B.

Molly opened the twin doors and a wave of heat rushed in. Following her lead I was shocked at the beauty of the full kitchen. It had every appliance imaginable. Moving through it to the living room which was large and spacious was decorated in a red. The couches were modern with a distinct flair. The entire second floor was beautiful.

Sitting on one of the chairs next to the breakfast nook Meredith listened as Molly talked.

“You know Zach is a really good catch. I think he would make a great husband.” It was a constant topic all over town. Everyone wanted her to know how great a husband Zach would be.

“I know you’ve been cooped up for weeks. I was wondering if you would like to go shopping tomorrow through the tunnels for a few gifts for friends and even your grandparents if you like.”

A present for Zach what would she get him. Smiling she already knew.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Meredith awoke with a very itchy arm. No matter what she tried it would not stop itching. Getting out of bed and heading to the door she was headed outside to stick her arm outside hoping it would stop itching.

Dam the women. She’d turned his whole life upside down since she’d moved in. Everyone in town was always whispering her praises. He was sick of it. The only person not in her corner was Always Abigail who never said a word either for or against Meredith. She came each day and read to her or took her shopping.

He was puzzled in the past if a beautiful woman would have taken up residence in his house she would have been all over him. This time his mother said nothing.
Looking up Zach watched as Meredith fretted with her cast. He’d seen her do it a time or two when she itched. The tears in her eyes said this time was the worst.

Getting up he called to her.

“Meredith, come here and let me see what I can do to help you with the itch.”

Meredith walked over to the couch in her flowered tap pants and cami given to her by Always Abigail with matching robe that was even shorter. Meredith sat down. This was the first time she’d worn the set. Always Abigail was always so much fun when Zach was not around. The two of them laughed and talked and had a great time.

That was until Zach showed up and Always Abigail shut down. She asked her about yesterday. Coy as ever Meredith realized that Always Abigail did not want Zach to know the two liked each other. Molly and Mrs. Maloney said it was because if she liked Meredith, Zach would just to be difficult. Always Abigail wanted Zach happy and Meredith made him happy! Though he pretended otherwise. He was happy that Meredith was in his life.

When he came home from work he always visited her and brought her somthing special. he shared his life with her in so many ways. In some ways he never realized that he was sharing.

Zach took her arm and bending a hanger he slide it down in her case and gently began to scratch. Slowly her arm began to feel better. The soft moan of satisfaction as Zach gave her encased arm a nice scrub lulled her to sleep.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This Christmas

Confused Meredith headed to the bedroom for a shower and help getting ready for bed. Mrs. Maloney who was not really old and Molly gave her the heads up on Zach.

Zach was 42, divorced for 5 years married for exactly 5 year, no kids, neither thought he still loved Shannon the ex who now lived in Paris and remarried to a renowned sculpture. Zach owned Reeds Barbershop which Meredith was familiar with since it was a nationwide chain shop.

Zach was an excellent catch for the right woman.
“So, tell us about yourself.”

Meredith looked the women who if she did not say anything looked as though they would be hurt.

“I am 35, never been married, engaged once, he’s now happily married and I am his kids godmother, the break up was on my part. I woke one day and realized he was not my soul mate. That was 10 years ago. No serious relationship since. No kids, yes, I want them one day. I graduated from U of M. I am here to stay with my grandparents and open a Candy Business called the Chocolate Lady.

The ladies both looked at her and smiled. This was the woman for Zach.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Give Love At Christmas

Sitting next to Meredith Zach prepared to feed her. Nervous he slowly spooned the stew into her mouth as the twins, Molly and Mrs. Maloney ate watching as Zach made sure Meredith ate.

Wiping her mouth as she finished Zach helped her up. Molly Mrs. Maloney then took over escorting her back to the bedroom to prepare for bed. Watching he sway her hips as she walked away Zach smiled.

Meredith and he had exchanged less than 50 words but he was smitten. Turning the twinkling lights out the picked up the picture of his first wife Shannon up and took a long look. Shannon and he were married for 5 years and had been divorced for just as long. She’d been the love of his life until she came home one day asked him for a divorce moved out that night she now lived in Paris.

Zach always thought they were happy. In the five years since the divorce he realized he was happy Shannon was not. The day the divorce became final he made up his mind never to love or marry again. Until tonight it was working. Now he was not so sure. One tiny woman was turning his world upside down and he could not be sure he did not like it.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'll Be Home For Christmas

“Are you a Christmas angel” the twins asked together.

“No, I am Meredith a friend of Zach’s”.

“You look like an angel Mereday” the twins said together again.

“Come on boys let’s get Meredith some stew. Mlrs. Maloney point the boys back in the kitchen to help fix the bowls of stew.

Meredith rubbed her eyes and began looking around the room. Blinking again she saw the angel atop of the tree. Stepping close she realized the angel looked just like her. Turning to Zach she could not speak.

“I sent your picture to my decorator Tinsley. She made it tonight.”

Silent as her stomach growled. Meredith started to walk toward the smell of the delicious stew”

“Hi, I am Molly mother of the twins’ whose names are Derek and Erik by the way. I am also number one assistant of Zach. If you like I can help you change. Always Abigail sent me your size. All the clothes in the guest room are new and for you.

Smiling Meredith extended her good hand to Molly, mother of the twins and Zach’s number one assistant. She’d wondered about the closet full of clothes. They were all in her size.

Molly hit Zach to shake him out of his trance.

“You can eat in here Meredith I’ll set up a tray for you and Zach here can feed ya since he helped get you in this position.

Zach was still awe struck at how beautiful Meredith was. Taking a deep breath he moved to help set things up for Meredith. Stepping on the switch next to him the Christmas lights began to twinkle and play Christmas music. The switch also controlled the Lionel Train roped around the tree.

Meredith’s face began to glow as she watch the beautiful musical show. Zach hope that she would always have that looks.

In the present

Standing at the top the courthouse steps Zach watch as Meredith and the twins had a snow ball fight. They were 4 when they first met Meredith that night. Now they were 8and she was still their angel. Tonight he planned to propose to Meredith under the tree.

Meredith was still the most beautiful women in the world to him. It was the memories of their first Christmas that always made him smile at this time of year.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Mrs. Maloney and her long red nails were waiting on Zach as he walked back into the living room. Hands on her hips the look on her face said it all. Who is she, is she the one you did all this decorating for.

“Mrs. Maloney tomorrow ok, not tonight.”

“Ok, Zach, have it your way.” Moving to the kitchen Mrs. Maloney checked on the delicious strew that was cooking along with the mouth watering sour dough bread. Shooting daggers from the kitchen Mrs. Maloney raced across the floor as the door bell rang.

Zach sighed hoping that it was not his mother coming over to drive him nuts. Where had the time went. Looking at the clock it was close to midnight. With all the work donen and all he’d asked of Molly he could not imagine who would be at his door this time of night.

“Mrs. Maloney” the twins Derrick and Erik ran into the kitchen and began to play tag. God could two kids play tag as much as these two without ever getting tired of it. Next through the door was Molly dressed in bunny slippers thick socks and a bright red jacket.

“Boy’s you need to get out of your coats” The tow headed twins ran for Molly dropping their jackets alone the way. By the time they reached the door they each had on one shoe.

“Pick it all up NOW’. The boys scrambled quickly then headed back to the kitchen and Mrs. Maloney. Zach was thankful Molly’s house was so filled with Christmas stuff they would never notice his. Winking from the kitchen door Mrs. Maloney would keep the boys busy enough they would never see or pay attention to the decorations.

“So, Zach who is she. According to Abs you almost killed her and Jacques mandated you take care of her. I asked Abs if she was beautiful and she said she was not your type”.

This had to be a first. Ever since he turned 30 his mother had throw women at him. This proved what he suspected; the fates were working on him.

“Molly, she’s the woman that I am caring for.”

“What does she look like?”

“Like a kid. She had long dark hair, her skin is the color of double dipped honey and she as two cute little dimples on her face and a button nose.” Smile Zach could see her face in front of him.
“Look Molly I want to thank you for all you did tonight the place is fantastic. I am not discussing Meredith with you.”

Turning at the sound of a door opening Meredith came out of the bedroom. Looking up Zach’s breath caught in his throat. She was beautiful like an gel in a pink hoodie. Her long ringlets had lost their curls; her face was clean and beautiful. She looked like a woman instead of a child.

“I am hungry” the words were all of a whisper” awe struck whatever Zach was about to say was lost.

Coming out the kitchen Mrs. Maloney and the twins stopped. Meredith with the glow of the soft bulbs from the bedroom looked like a tiny fairy

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Christmas Will Be A Very Special Christmas

Stepping into the room Zach realized Meredith was high on pain meds. The only eyes she was making at Seth were sleepy. Giving Seth a possessive look he asks Seth if she was finished. Nodding yes Seth spoke.

“Zach, I’ll need to see her again in a week. I called Daisy at the pharmacy to get her pain meds ready. You can pick them up in about an hour. Make sure she eats when she takes them. She is not to move that hand at all until she comes back here next week. “

Using the remote start he actived ignition and the heated seats also. Before going out in the cold Ainsley met him at the door with a thick coat that was keep with others for people who got caught in the snow. Looking out the office window it had began to snow.

Carrying Meredith to his car Zach buckled her seat belt then headed off home. He would send Mrs. Maloney out to get her prescriptions as soon as they arrived at his house. Jacques texted him earlier to inform him he would need to atone sooner than later for treating an elder with such disrespect.

Elderly Mrs. Maloney was barely 10 years older than Zach. True be told she was only called Mrs. Maloney because she was such a mother hen all through high school and the name stuck. Mrs. Maloney was actually a 52 year old beauty who broke hearts all over Centralia. The sound of the Brandy ringtone identified Always Abigail as the caller. Why his mother was calling him was anybodies guess.

“Yes Abs”

“Zachery, I just called to see if Meredith is ok. I called and Ainsley refused to give me any information citing some legal reason.” On she went talking and never stopping. Pulling into the drive way Zach listened as his mother talked and talked.

“Mother, Meredith is fine she goes back to see Seth in a week. I called Molly to get everything in place before we made it home. Mrs. Maloney is going to come daily and I plan to stay home and see to her care. Now if you’ll let me go I’ll take my guest into the house and put her to bed.”
“I almost forgot. You have to order her some clothes Zach. I had Abram bring her car to the B&B and the poor dear has no clothes appropriate for the winter weather in Centralia. I called Dusty at her shop and gave her Meredith’s sizes. You have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9am to pick some things out. If you like I can meet and we can shop together.”

Again his mother was rattling on an on. There was no way in hell he was shopping for a woman with his mother. He would rather die first.

“Abs I think it would be best if you came over and helped Mrs. Maloney and visit with Meredith. Why not bring her one of your books and read to her. I am sure she will love it.”

“That sounds like a good idea. I wonder which one I should take.” Hanging up the phone Zach was sure his mother never noticed or if she did she would call at 3 in the morning to see what happened.

Looking up he saw Mrs. Maloney standing in the door with skin tight jeans and a mid-ruff shirt with stilettos. The look on her said there would be hell to pay.
Walking around to the passenger side Zach took care removing Meredith. Slowly making his way to the door he noticed the yard was beautifully trimmed with lights and a tasteful sleigh sat in the middle of his yard with Santa and his reindeer about to take off.

Arriving at the door he encountered a beautiful wreath with hits of pink a dragon fly with a stocking in the middle filled with toys. Walking in the house he’d need to call and thank Tinsley and the decorators for coming out on such short notice and getting the place ready. The large fireplace was beautiful with garland and white lights. In the corner next to the window seat was a 8ft Christmas tree adorned in pink bows with dragons flies and if he did not miss his guess little honey colored dolls in dressed in pink were all over. On top was a honey colored angel. The trees skirt was pink and white. There were even presents under the tree.

“Which bedroom”

“Bottom left”

This was the room that he had decorated for his mother years ago. Always Abigail was always a free spirit. She loved to stay at the B&B saying she needed her space.

Pushing the door open he gasped. The room had transformed into a girls room. Looking around he suspected his mother was to blame along with Molly and Mrs. Maloney. The comforter on the bed was red flowered with a ruffed skirt, the curtains matched the comforter. A rocking chair was next to the bed with red cushions. The night stands had every imaginable gadget one would need to be comfortable. The TV was concealed in a large armoire in the corner with a plant of some sort on top. There was a magazine stand next to the rocking chair with the lasts magazines.

Putting Meredith on the turned down bed he pulled the covers over her and left the room.

“Is that the poor girl you almost killed?”

“Mrs. Maloney, I did not almost kill anyone.”

“That’s not what I heard from Always Abigail.” He should have known. His mother had a flair for the dramatic.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Smiling as Dr. Seth x-rayed her hand Meredith was a little afraid and hurting. Tinsley stepped from the room seconds before announcing she would get her a shot for the pain. Looking over at the door instead of Tinsley coming it was Zach.

“You ok there honey dip.” Meredith’s face was twisted with pain and Zach could not help but feel guilty.

“Seth I think you should give her something for the pain. “

“Tinsley went to get her a shot”

“Is it broken Seth?” Looking up Seth pent Zach with a nasty look.

“It’s broken and the bad thing is she a south paw so she’s going to really need someone to care for her. I don’t want her to move her arm for at least 6 weeks.”

Exhaling Zach really felt guilty for the part he played in the accident that hurt Meredith.

Stepping from the room he called Molly Sims to get over to his place and prepare a room for Meredith and Always Abigail. He was almost sure Abs would fight the king on staying at his place preferring to stay at the B&B instead.

“Molly” He could almost see Molly eating popcorn and yelling at the twins as they ran around the room playing tag.

“Molly, I need you to head over to my place and prepare one of the downstairs rooms for a guess. Better yet I also need you to call Mrs. Maloney to come over and cook something for dinner and make the room presentable for a guest. Also can you get Deidra to come over and make sure there is no snow in the drive way.

“Zach, that sure is a lot of work for this time of evening I’ll call every one and get it done but gezz give a girl a little notice next time. Want to tell me what is going on”

Why was that everyone seemed to question him on why he was doing this or that? Molly was his employee not the other way around. After 16 years she should know how he worked. He was a barber by choice and owner of Zach’s Cuts a nationwide chain of barber shops. Unlike most owners he still worked as a barber and ran the business from his chair with the help of Molly and 3 others who started out with him when he opened.

“Look Molly, I need you to take charge and make sure things get done. I’ll need Mrs. Maloney to change her schedule and come in daily. I need you to call her. She does not like me and I don’t feel like fighting with her tonight”

God Mrs. Maloney was Abs twin. The woman was stubborn, an evil little imp and lets not forget direct but he loved her. She was his third mother. She keeps track of his house and often lectured him on finding a wife. The woman was a mince to him.

Looking up Always Abigail was leaving the room Meredith was in. From the look on her face she was not going to be staying at his place. It would be he and Meredith.

“I’ve spoken to your father and he has receded the decree that I stay at your place. For now it will be you and Meredith. I will be by daily to help out.”

He should have known. Whatever happens his father still had a soft spot for his mother and she often used that to her advantage. He was sure as he could be she was not behind this whole fiasco but one never knew with Abs. This time he was sure she was not involved since she was a party to the accident. Abs no matter what would not hurt anyone. This was fate and he accepted it as such.

“Ok, fine I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow Abs”. Smiling his mother reached out and hugged him and kissed him on the check. In Always Abigail fashion she disappeared just as quickly. Shaking his head he headed back to Meredith’s room when the phone rang.

Taking a deep breath he looked at the caller id and answered.


“Zach, what’s wrong I got a call from Molly asking me to come in everyday for the next 3 months. I know you’re dead if you did not call me personally to ask.”

It was Mrs. Maloney. The fates must hate him if they were allowing him to be plagued by her. The woman was bossy and told him what to do and expected it to be done no matter what. Sometimes days he wished he could fire her but each time he tried she called Jacques or Abs and he ended up in trouble.

Walking as she fussed his fangs extended as he watched Meredith smiling at Dr. Seth. Looking up Seth frowned. Ok, so he was none too happy Meredith seemed to like Seth.

“Mrs. Maloney if you don’t want to come I suggest you call Jacques. I am sure he will tell you that I need you now. The time we are wasting on the phone you could have did all I ask.” Hanging up he was sure that he would pay for this conversation when she saw him again.

Now to deal with Seth and Meredith.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have A Holly Jolly Chirstmas

The little minx was trouble. There she stood all 2 feet of her ratting him out to Jacques, his father. Why the heck was he too blame. What about Always Abigail’s part in the accident. “Honey Dip” seemed to forgive her rather easily. The little imp may have been 35 but she was trouble. He unlike the rest of them, was not fooled by her innocent act. She may look like a child but he got the feeling she keep shiat up just like Always Abigail.

Zach had to admit she was beautiful. Her skin looked like it had been double dipped in a jar of honey. Meredith a golden brown; her brown eyes were compliment by ringlets of black curls. Those oh to sexy dimples she sported only helped to add definition to the honey dips face. Her lips were lushes and bowed like an old movie star. The woman was gorgeous he supposed. If you could ever get over her tattle ways.

Catching his breathe as her hips swayed he knew she would be his down fall and the look on Jacques and Always Abigail’s face said it too. Looking at his mother and father he could not imagine how the two ever managed to stop arguing enough to have him. But somehow they did. Always Abigail refused to talk about it only saying Jacques was his father and she loved him (Jacques) long ago that was all that mattered. Talking to Jacques was like talking to a wall.

Unlike the two of them Sophia was a softie who throughout his youth managed to carrel him into doing things he never wanted to like dance lessons, piano lessons, and etiquette. He loved his mother and Sophie. He refused to call her step -mother because she was always a mother to him like his own.

He argued with Always Abigail because they were too much alike. He argued with Jacques because they were too much alike. He loved them both but for some reason he got a double dose of both their genes and that provided lots of entertainment. Watching under hooded eyes as Meredith went to get an x-ray he smiled. This should interesting he’d not been under his mothers roof since he went off to college. Though she always found a way to meddle in his affairs from near or far he got the feeling the little minx would change his life forever.

Looking around Seth’s office he realized he had nothing in the way of decorations. If he did not do something before he arrived home Always Abigail would have the place loaded with decorations that would take months to take down.

Slowly moving out of her range as she and Jacques argued. He called Tinsley Ames to come over and decorate in a tasteful manner. This would keep his mother and the minx from ganging up on him and making his place a winterwonder land of crappy Christmas decorations. He'd saw the way Meredith looked at the decoration with longing down town and now in Seth’s office. Shaking his head why should it matter what the honey dip thought. Ok, it mattered he wanted to impress her.

“Merry Christmas, Tinsley’s Decorating & More, Tinsley Ames Speaking”

“Tinsley, I need you to head over to my place and decorate it tastefully. PLEASE”

“Zach, what’s up? I never knew you to decorate.”

Exasperated, Zach listened as Tinsley chattered on and on about his being a Scrooge and the only house on the block not to decorate at Christmas. God and he almost married her after college. They be divorced by now or he would have been dead from being talked to death either way death would be the outcome. Pretty as she was the woman never shut up for one second!

“Tinsley, can you do this for me in the next 3 hours. I’d like some of the same decorations you used in the sheriff’s office and Seth’s. Tinsley I also want a white tree with lots of pink bulbs and can you hand paint me a Christmas angle the color of honey.”

The request was lame but he wanted the star to remind him of Meredith, his honey dip.

"I want the yard decorated too. Quicking on his part would save him from Always Abigail's crazy ideas."

Monday, December 6, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

Smiling Meredith like the look of shame on Zach’s face it fit him to a tee. Looking over at Always Abigail she noticed her smile kinda sorta matched Zach’s. If she did not know any better she would think she was his mother. The twinkle when they smiled seemed to fit both well. Darn her hand hurt. Wincing she grabbed her wrist she needed some pain medicine and soon. As if he sensed her pain Zach came closer and stroked her wrist. The pain seemed to go away instantly. There was something soothing in Zach’s touch.

Looking up she smiled at Zach their first meeting was not the friendliest one. One thing was for sure she fell in love that night with Zach.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Claus Needs Some Loving

King Jacques arrives as the Police Station

“You two are very lucky that young woman only injured her wrist. Sam is taking her over to the Dr. Seth’s office apparently you two caused the young lady to hurt her hand. I expect the two of you to cover her bills. I also have a decree for the both of you. The Matthews went out of town for an emergency of some sort. They tried to contact the young woman but failed they left word with Sheriff Shannon to be on the lookout for their granddaughter. You two know her, the woman you almost killed."

Jacques was furious. Always Abigail and Zach sat looking like they had both been whipped.

"The Matthews place is so far out from the outskirts that Sheriff Shannon feels she should not stay out there by herself. I have decided that both of you must atone for your bad behavior. I have decided to make a royal decree."

The King smiled one of those smiles people give you when they know your down and the fight is all gone out of you.

"Always Abigail lives at the B&B and Zach you have that nice big house that only you occupy. The young lady will be moving into your place while she recovers along with Always Abigail. The both of you will wait on her hand and foot until she recovers."

“Are you two speechless? Good. I suggest you both head over to the hospital and take care of this NOW! I headed over to offer the young woman my protection while she is here and inform her that her grandparents are out of town and you two have volunteered to care for her while they are gone.”

At the hospital

Sam the Giant was the sweetest man Meredith had ever met. The ride in his car was informative Sam was also the town gossip. He took the time to point out all the relevant places in town and all the people she should know.

Dr. Seth’s office was on the outskirts. The building was neon blue and as Sam explained it was that way just in case someone got lost in the winter snow they could see the place. The driveway was painted a bright orange. It was also lined with reflectors and an underground heating system to melt the snow as soon as it hit the ground.

Same told me that winter usually lasted until June and the first snow happened as early as the end of August. According to Sam most of the building on the Outskirts and in town had a protective measure to ensure they were easy to find if someone got lost in the snow.

Dr. Seth’s office was decorated for Christmas. The top of building had a display of Santa and his reindeer taking off. The building was decorated in twinkling blue and red lights. The yard had lots of angels and a choir singing. There also a cut out of Dr. Seth decorated in lights with his staff of nurses.

I smiled as I looked at the magic of Christmas. It had been a long time since I’d seen displays like this. Sam the Giant led the way to the front door. When he opened the door it was like the sheriff’s office all over again.

The Christmas music was waffling through the air. There was a giant fireplace decorated in blue and red lights with garland and a beautiful angel sitting in the middle. Sam explained that because of the possibility of the electricity going out. Every business and home in Centralia had to be built with fireplaces. The city regulations stated that each home must have at least 3 fireplaces to ensure residents had a source of heat.

A smiling young woman whose name tag read Ainsley greeted them at the door.
“Sam called ahead. I’ll take you to x-ray that wrist Ms. Matthews.”

Ainsley was leading me to the back when the doors to the office were flung open.”

It was Always Abigail and Zach along with the man called Jacques.

“You poor dear I am so sorry that that rogue Zach got you hurt. I am here now and I am going to take care of you.”

“Abs and I both are going to take care of you.” Zach gave Always Abigail a nudge that did not go unmissed by Jacques who made a sort of growling sound.
Looking at them both with suspicion I could not image the bickering pair caring for anyone.

“Let me introduce myself young lady, I am Jacques the um, I am Jacques and I would like to welcome you to our fair city. I would like to apologize on behalf of the whole town for the actions of these two. My son Zach and Always Abigail, the two have been as gracious as to volunteer to take care of you as you recover."

I looked closer and the resemblance was there. Zach was a younger version of his father.

“Thank you, Mr. Jacques. I don’t know what to say. The accident was not anyone’s fault except maybe Zach.” I said looking over at the first giant I met in Centralia.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

This Christmas Will Be A Very Special Christmas

Dr. Seth ignored them both as they started too bickered about whose fault the accident was. The sexy doctor examined Meredith and asked question. Declaring her well enough to get up helping her he asked that she by the hospital before she continue to her grandparents. He wanted to x-ray her wrist. With that being said he high tailed it from the scene before Always Abigail and Zach noticed.

Shaking her head at the still bickering pair Meredith crossed the street to the sheriff’s station. Taking a deep breath she opened the door. Greeted by the most wonderful sigh Meredith gasped. The sheriff’s station was decorated for Christmas. There was a huge tree decorated in green and white with bows and ribbons sparking with gifts under it. All four of the deputies’ desk had garland and lights trimming their desk. There was also a very large fire place decorated with garland and lights and on the mantle there was a collection of Christmas candles on one end and Santa’s on the next.

Stepping half way in Meredith smelled the most delicious scent of peanut butter and sugar cookies. The scents seemed to mix well with fresh smell of peppermint.

Closing the door as she walked in Meredith heard “Santa Claus Needs Some Loving” smiling she turned and saw a beautiful red head dancing and laughing with a man dressed in a Santa suit.

“Can I help you ma’am”

Turning toward the voice, Meredith took a step back. The voice belonged to another Centralia Giant. Were all the gorgeous men giants?

“I am Meredith, Meredith Matthews and I am looking for the Matthews Place” Just as she was talking Always Abigail and Zach burst into the office.

“Sam, Sam” Abs almost killed a teenager and now said teenager is missing. I told Jacques the women should be stopped from roaming around town in that sleigh. She ain’t Santie Claus why would she need a sleigh.”

“That is a lie Sam. I did not almost kill Meredith Matthews. This is all Zach’s fault he scared the poor dear and now she is out there alone with a possible head injury. Now that I think about it Sam, Sam, arrest Zach for attempted murder”

Always Abigail and Zach again started bickering as Sam the Giant tried to stop them. Realizing it was not going to happen he ushered Meredith in the office that said Parish Sheriff.

“Ma’am are you the one those two are arguing about” now that she was in the sheriff’s office she took a good look at Sam the Giant. He was good looking. He looked more like a bad boy biker than the sheriff.


“Can you tell me what happen, Meredith?” standing facing me he was even more beautiful. The sunlight danced off his curly hair. He was a sexy man in uniform.

“I arrived in town about an hour ago. Try as I might I could not find my grandparents place. So got out my car after realizing my cell phone was dead. I asked the giant I mean Zach how to get to my grandparents place, the Matthews. He thought I was a kid I got angry and started to walk over to your office. Then I decided to turn around and give him a piece of my mind. About that time the lady in pink came down the square and I in haste fell. It was no one’s fault but my own. I got mad. I let my temper get the best of me.”

Looking her up and down Sam the Giant sighed.

“You have any identification”

Pulling out my wallet I presented it to Deputy ”The Giant” Sam. Opening the wallet to my drivers’ license I knew a lecture about speeding was coming. Sam “The Giant” looked my license over to make sure it was real. Moving to the computer he feed the numbers in and then printed out the report. It should show that I am a speed demon.

“Well Ms. Matthews, I’d say you are a 35 year old woman who likes to drive fast. I suppose what you say is true about the accident.” Zach and Always Abigail are like two old dogs with a bone I am sure they will continue to blame each other. I suggest you sneak out the back way. First I am calling Dr. Seth to make sure your ok and don’t need medical attention.”

Nodding Sam went behind the desk to call Dr. Seth while I took a seat. Looking out the crack in the door I saw Zach and Always Abigail being lectured by a tall handsome man. Next to him stood a beautiful woman with long raven hair the stern look on her face was priceless. I could not hear what was being said but from the look on their faces whatever it was they were not pleased. Scooting my chair closer I began to listen.

“Zach you are as bad as Always Abigail. Both of you are trouble in your own way. What if that poor girl had been killed?”

“Jacques, it was not me it was Abs here that caused the problem. You have said it yourself many times the women is a menace to Centralia. I think you should lock Abs up in your dungeon." The smirk on his face said he was not serious. Hitting him, Always Abigail stuck out her tongue. The two fought like brother and sister.
Fuming Jacques turned to the woman and threw up his hands.

“Always Abigail, Zach, did you see where the woman went.” The raven haired women said gently she looking stern but sympathetic at the two co- conspirators.

“Sophia, I am not sure where she went. Zach and I got so wrapped up in placing blame she disappeared.”

“Did either of you call Dr. Seth”?

“I tried said Zach. But I got no answer.

“Oh, dear said Sophia. I hope the young lady is ok.”

The worried look on Always Abigail faces almost made me want to open the door and run to her. Hearing the receiver click into place Sam was finished with his call to Dr. Seth.

“Dr. Seth says your ok but he would like to check you out again. I suggest we go out the back door and let those two feel bad a little longer. I am texting King Jacques and Queen Sophia to let them know you are ok. I expect them to keep grilling those two. It’s no more than they deserve.

I kind of felt bad for Always Abigail the sweet women stood up for her. Zach however deserved whatever he get. It was his fault I fell. Speaking of falling, my hand was starting to throb. Maybe it was a good idea for me to go see Dr. Seth. It might not be broken but I suspect it’s sprang.

“Ok, I am ready. I really need to let my grandparents know that I am here and I am ok. I don’t what them to be alarmed that I am at the hospital.”

“I‘ll call Sheriff Shannon and have her go out to your grandparents place. I am sure they will appreciate knowing your ok.”

Sam the Giant grabbed my hand and led me to the backdoor. This starting a new life thing was going great so far. I was lost in a strange town, almost run over by a sleigh and now I was being led away by a giant. I forgot to mention the King and Queen.

Getting into the police cruiser Nat King Cole was singing the Christmas song.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus

Meredith Matthews was lost. Looking across the street she saw the sheriff office. Looking both ways she prepared to cross the street.

“Are you lost little girl”

Turning slowly Meredith had to look up toward the sky to see the face the voice came from. The stranger was blocking out the sun. Moving around slowly Meredith’s breathe caught in her throat. Beautiful was the only word that came to mind.

Standing before her was a extremely tall god.

“I am looking for the Matthews place”

“Well, sweetie we need to find your mom and dad first then we can help ya’ll find the Matthews place”

Meredith held her temper. She was use to people mistaking her for a pre-teen. She was barely 5 feet tall and she was dressed like a 13 year old. Her pink hoodie and jeans with her hair in two big pigtails made her look like a kid. Wearing her retainer did not help either. But this time she wanted the tempting stranger to see her as a 35 year old woman instead of a kid.

“I am not a kid. I am a 35 and I will ask again can you direct or I will find it myself”

Looking down at her Zach looked at her from head to toe. Cocking his head to the left while crossing his arms Zach sighed”

“I don’t doubt you think your 35 but in realty you’re a kid who is lost. Tell me where your parents are and I will call them on my cell to come and get you. Otherwise I am taking you over to Sheriff Shannon’s office and she can find your parents”

That did it. She was furious. How dare he threaten to call her parents? Forgetting to look both ways again Meredith walked out into traffic and was almost killed.

Looking up to late Meredith saw a sleigh coming toward her. Turning quickly she fell flat on her face before Santa could run her over.

“Oh dear are you ok?”

Zach! I just saw Seth down by Coopers call his cell. Zach was moving toward her.

“Zach! Call Seth Seth! NOW!

Dazed and confused Meredith looked up and saw a beautiful angel dressed in pink. The woman seemed close to tears.

“I am fine I actually fell before your Sleigh hit me.” That seemed to calm the woman a little although she was touching her all over trying to make sure she had no broken bones.

“I am Always Abigail and I need you to be still until Dr. Seth gets here. What’s your name?”

“Meredith, Meredith Matthews. I am from Milwaukee. I am moving into my grandparent’s cottage house. “

“Meredith, O’ my goodness I almost did not recognize you. You look like a kid dressed like that”

“Always Abigail is she ok?”

“Yes Zach, she is. She fell before I ran her over. O dear the King Jacques is going to be mad with me if he finds out I almost killed Meredith.”

“Abs you have to be more careful King Jacques will be off with your head if he finds out you are running over teenagers. Teasing the women in pink Zach knelt down to check her for broken bones. The touch was so light Meredith almost moaned.

“Zach I am not Abs you insolent rogue. Besides that Meredith is not a kid she’s 35 years old.”

Stunned Zach took a second look.

Take that macho man. Smiling Meredith peaked out from under her eye lashes at Always Abigail.

She’s heard tons from Grandma Matthews about Always Abigail. According to her grandmother the women was a writer and a trouble maker who’s arrived in town a couple of years ago. Grandpa Matthews called her troublemaker who kept the men and women in Centralia on their toes when it came to love.

“You poor dear I see Seth coming now. Do you want to sit up. No I think you should lay down until he checks you over”

Turning her head left Meredith saw the sexiest men alive. If all the men in Centralia looked this good she would have to start wearing a bib.

“Seth, Abs’s here almost ran over the little girl! I think she might have falling while trying to get away. I was about to take her to the sheriff’s office to help find her parents when she tried to run. Then Abs here came barreling down the square in that chariot she calls a sleigh and ran the honey dip over.”

“Dr. Seth she is not a little girl. She’s just pixie short. Her name is Meredith and she is 35 she’s Mason Matthews’s granddaughter. Despite what Zach says he’s the one that almost got the Meredith run over with his insistence that she is a kid.”

Dr. Seth ignored them both as they started too bickered about whose fault the accident was. The sexy doctor examined Meredith and asked question.

Declaring her well enough to get up and continue to her grandparents Dr. Seth high tailed it from the scene before Always Abigail and Zach noticed.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Meredith Matthews smiled as she almost leaped across the courtyard. She was going to be Santa's Helper. Meredith had been wishing on stars for a long time that the fates would smile on her and her ever present crush Zach.

Zach only saw her as the little girl he helped when she moved to Centralia 4 years ago. Since moving to Centralia she had filled out and became a beautiul women instead of the shy recluse who met Zach the first day she arrived 4 years ago.

Twirling in the snow with a smile on her face. Meredith jumped up and down with happiness. Zach was playing Santa this year for the Annual Business Association Christmas Party. As president he had to have a helper. Try as she might no one considered her for the position.

She'd asked Zach several times but each time he'd said no it was not place for a sweet little "honey dip" like her. Why he insisted on calling her "honey dip" she would never know. It was only after she stormed out the bakery and bumped into Always Abigail that she was finally taken seriously. Always Always Abigail seeing how much she wanted the job made sure she got it.

Always Abigail lobbied King Jacques at the Thanksgiving celebration to intervine and he did. The King called Zach to personally recommend he select Meredith for his helper. Thought Meredith thought King Jacques did it to keep Always Abigail occupied and out of his affairs with Queen Sophia. Now matter how it happened Meredith was glad she would be Santa’s Helper this year.

Zach was not happy or impressed. For the last week he had given Meredith pissy looks.He also found out Always Abigail was involved and he was mad at her too.

Unlike most residents of Centralia Meredith liked Always Abigail. She appreciated her interference. All year long she made sure that Meredith and Zach spent lots of time getting to know each other.

She just wished she had not let Always Abigail sew her costume. The costume was terribly short. The elf costume was green trimmed in white fur. The two pieces were little more than scraps. Always Abigail also bought her a pair of stiletto boots that matched the little green elf costume.

Meredith started not to take the get up but she hated to disappoint Always Abigail. The glee on Always Abigail’s face when she arrived to try the costume on stopped Meredith from hurting Always Abigail’s feeling.

In all fairness Always Abigail had saw Meredith admiring one just like it at the strip mall weeks before.

Standing at the foot of the courthouse Meredith took a deep breath it was now or never. Tonight she would capture Zach’s heart.

Turing she looked up at the courthouse steps. Zach was standing there with that same pissed look he had worn all week.

Odd it was almost the same look he had on his face the first day they met 4 yeears ago. Smiling she began to remember the first day she arrived in Centralia

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa Claus Needs Some Loving

Santa Claus Needs Some Loving

The twinkling stars shining on the snow always makes me long for home. It’s the first day of the Christmas season and love is in the Centralia Air.

I am headed over to help decorate the town hall and sing a few songs. I think there are a few happily ever afters about to take place. My first couple is Zach and Meredith.

Zach Reed is the local barber he owns Reed Barbershop. He’s handsome with those chocolate brown eyes and sexy swagger. At 6’6 he was a standout basketball player in college then he spent 10 years with the Celtics. After retirement he and his wife Shannon moved back to Centralia. Zach and Shannon divorced about 5 years ago. Every since his divorce Zach has been looking for love.

I have arranged for Zach Reed to play Santa Claus this year for the little ones and Meredith Matthews is his helper.

Meredith Matthews has been love with Zach Reed since she moved back to town 4 years ago. Sweet Meredith owns the town candy store Chocolate Lady. Meredith is petite and reminds me of a fairy with all that long black hair. Her eyes remind me of Elizabeth Taylor with their unusual purple hue. The poor dear is 5’4 but we all pretend that she is taller.

Try as I might I have never been able to get these two together. This year I think I will sprinkle a little Christmas magic around and see what happens.