Thursday, September 30, 2010

Always Abigail................Sophia & Lila

“You think I should forgive him”

“I am not sure”

“How long have you known?”

“Since this morning, there has always been something there I could not explain. Jack also knows I think.”

“Jack is why you are here. Jacques and I have screwed up his opinion of relationships. He’s scared he will be like his father.”

Looking at the lake Queen Sophia seemed older. Her raven hair flowing she looked like a Creole princess.

“Always Abigail I am a Creole Princess.”

“So, no boyfriend”

“No boyfriend”

“But you can’t tell him. Let me think otherwise”.

Smiling at the Queen I realized it was her story I was going to tell. Queen Sophia the wayward wild child bride of a king who grew old before his time.

Beyond the beautiful smile was a woman scorned by the betrayal of her husband. Lila was the woman her husband mated. Lila was his true mate. She was the woman who haunted her marriage.

There is so much more that Queen Sophia did not know. The secret he could not tell. He had love Lila. If he had been allowed to choose his choice would have been hard but in the end he would have choose love.

Deep inside she did know. Sophia knew the choice would not have been her. Lila was his mate. Sophia held his heart and soul. She was the air in his lungs the reason he lived in an old man’s body. Choosing Sophia sent his immortal body into the aging process.

The pain of his betrayal was at the heart of their separation.

“Always Abigail you make it sound like my fault that I am his mate”


“Yes, Lila, the home wreaker! I thought I was supposed to be a minor character in this story Always Abigail. It was my understanding I would get a mention and or a shout out and that was it. Now it’s poor Queen Sophia and that whore Lila who broke up her marriage.”

“Lila your role in the story is getting bigger and I am not sure why.”

“Always Abigail you don’t like me do you”.

“I can’t say I do.”

“You think I broke them up.”

“No, I think you helped a bad relationship end sooner than it was supposed to.”

“Why and how am I his mate”.

“Well, it’s a long story if you got a minute.”

“Of course I do”

The first time they collided Sophia Breaux was sliding down a banister in her father’s house. Jacques the new Alpha of the Centralia pack was coming through the door with her father when bam he was tangled in a wade of raven hair.

The young woman that greeted him was a mess of arms, legs and the sweetest smile Jacques had ever saw in his life. He was smitten.

Jacques was in town for Alpha training and the wayward Sophie who was home for the Christmas holidays. They ended up colliding a few more time that week. With nothing more than smiles and curious glances the two of them parted ways and went back to their regular lives.

A few years later when Alpha Breaux died Jacques attended the funeral. He and Sophia collided again on that same banister. Reconnecting over dinner Jacques comforted Sophia that night.
Never the right time had they parted again going back to their separate lives each vowing to stay in touch.

The two of them could not forget each other, yet they went on with their lives. This is where you come in the story. A year later Jacques meets and mates you. He loves you more than rainbows.
The only problem you are not his true mate you are his mate select.

“What the hell is a mate select?”

“It’s when someone loves someone enough to bond with them on a level so close to a true mate they can have all the joys and ups and downs of a mate until they cross the path of their true mate. Then they can choose a full bond with their select mate or they can bond with their real mate. Either way it is a tough chose and someone ends up hurt. A mate can also choose to have his memories whipped out by a strong alpha.

“So, am I the true mate of the mate select.”

“I am not sure. No one has told me”.

“He and Sophie still have a relationship”.

“Yes they do. Jacques loves her but I am not sure what he really wants and neither is her”.

“Why are they still sleeping together”

“Love is the only word that comes to mind”.

“What is going to happen to me?”

“I am not sure”.

“Can I get on with the story now?”

Shaking her head yes I continued.

Five years have pasted since you and Jacques mated. Three weeks have passed since you give birth to Jack.

You feel incomplete. Jacques territory of Centralia has grown to cover the outskirts. Although you have plenty of help, a maid, chef, and nanny you complain of being overwhelmed.

You asked Jacques for a little time to yourself. Six months you say, to go to Paris and study art.
Reluctant Jacques agrees. You leave with the understanding that in 6 months you will come back.

After 6 months you don’t want to leave Europe you want to be free. Jacques gives you your freedom.
In the 6 months that you have been gone Sophia has moved to town to open her design shop Sophia’s Design Emporium she has also reconnected with Jacques. She’s even taken a liken to his son Jack.

Sophia is in love so whatever explanation Jacques gives her about your absence she accepts.
Time passes quickly, they fall in love and marry and began to have children of their own. In all this time except for the occasional letter you and Jacques rarely communicate. You have however kept up with Jack’s life.
You are unaware Jacques has married and has other kids.

You have also moved on with your life.

After 16 years you return home to Centralia. You have found your true mate and would like for Jack to relieve you of your mate status with him.

Sophia never knew you and Jacques were mates.
You Lila are woman who left her husband and child for16 years.
Now you come back home pissed that Jacques has moved with his life.

“Yes my dear Lila you are a hellcat”.

Always Abigail..........................King Jacques

Always Abigail the irksome woman had given him more frown lines in the past year than his first 1,000 upon the earth. The woman was a troublemaker. Every day one of his pack was calling him about her meddling. He’d only agreed to let the minx come to town for Sophie.

Always Abigail was supposed to find a mate for his son Jack not everyone in town including his headstrong mate. The old battle-ax wanted to find his mate a boyfriend.

He and Sophie had been separate for 150 years. That was not to say they did not indulge in the occasion bed sport. That was perfect between the two of them. If only he could heal the broken relationship. That would not be possible if Always Abigail had her way and gave his mate to another. The woman’s pen was poisoned.

Looking at the river he saw Sophie smiling and talking with Rhys Cacao his rival. This was the man that Always Abigail had chosen for his mate. He would be dammed if Sophie would take another mate. Marching toward the lake he decided to lay down the law to Always Abigail, Rhys and his wayward mate.

“Dad” Blocking his path was Jack. Jack was his eldest, the next alpha of the pack if he ever found a mate. That was what Always Abigail was supposed to be doing. The irksome little trouble maker was suppose to be writing a story for his son not meddling in his affairs.

“Yes, son, what is it”.

“Um, I think you are making a big mistake if you go over there with that look on your face. Mom’s not going to be happy. Always Abigail is her friend “.

What Jack said was true Sophie thought the world of the Abby . Dammit what was he suppose to do let the blasted woman write him out of his wife’s life?

“Dad I think you need to talk to mom and not umm yell or issue ultimatums.” Looking at his son he realized what he said was true. The only thing was he was losing his mate and he could not live with that. Sophie was his and there was no way in hell Always Abigail was writing his out of her life period.

“Jack when you find your mate I hope all that works for you. Cause it sure as hell will not work for me. Stomping off Jacques headed toward the lake.”

Watching as his father and his security team headed to towards his mother Jack sighed. This was not going to turn out good. His mother and father gave him the he-bi-gibes when it came to relationships. They had been separated since his birth.

Correction they had not lived together since before he was born. He found that out when he was thirteen and walked in his mothers bedroom thinking her alone found his father there in bed with his mother.

The two of them could give lessons in screwed up relationships. Looking around he was overcome with the smell of cotton candy. Taking a deep breath he turned to Levi head of his personal security team motioning for him follow him as he looked for the source of the sweetest smell to ever capture his nose.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Always Abigail…….The Country Cow

The Country Cow Dairy Farm is one of my favorite places to visit on the outskirts of Centralia. One of my favorite things about the farm is of course its owner Barley Gibbs. The other is the ice cream! Barley makes the best homemade ice cream in Centralia.

The Country Cow is a working dairy farm. Since its opening the C & C has delivered milk in glass bottles to residents 7 days a week rain sleet or snow. Barley uses his fleet of snowmobiles during the winter to deliver milk.

The majestic beauty of the farm always leaves visitors breathless. The big red barn which displays the Country Cow logo never fails to take my breath away. Surrounded by trees the barn is a historical landmark that inspires artist from around the world to sit for days capturing it’s beauty.

The Country Cow allows visitors to get a little R&R in the bunkhouses in back of the main house. The beautiful country cottages are romantic and restful.
Well, I am all most to the main house. I see Barley and so of the others from the outskirts are here.

Oh, dear I wish I had added a sweater to my things…..I am off to enjoy my the last day of Summer in Centralia.

Always Abigail...................The Picnic

Things at the Country Cow are really not going well for Always Abigail.

King Jacques has made his way to the road leading to the Country Cow.

“Why is it that trouble always seems to follow you Always Abigail?” Stepping out of his car an air of power whipped like wind around the king.

Turing slowly I put on my best smile as King Jacques squinted his eyes disapproving.

“I am not trouble King Jacques. It’s these crazy characters that I have running around in my head. They all want to do what they want and I can’t seem to control them”.

“Always Abigail!” King Jacques yelled! Do you think the smoke rising from his ears is an indication that I am really in trouble?

Is it my fault all my characters are defiant. All I wanted to do was come out to the Country Cow to enjoy a tour of the farm and a picnic lunch. Instead I am in trouble again with the king.

“Always Abigail, I expect you to clean this mess up and make sure Temper does not cause a problem. That young lady is your responsibility and I expect you to take her in hand. I understand my Queen Sophie will be joining you for lunch. To ensure nothing goes wrong I as well will be joining your little tour and lunch.

“Yes, King Jacques.” Darn it! I had plans to introduce the Queen Sophie to her new mate. I guess that want happen with King Jacques around.

“I shall take young Temper under my wing”.


“I can’t believe you are still here”

“I used me invisible power. Your king could not see me”. Ahh, hell, this was not going to go well.

I have my reservation about it but I am going to have to enlist Cross to distract Temper.

“OK, Cross you can entertain Temper. I only ask that you not make things worse”.

“Always Abigail I promise I will not mess this up for ya. I shall secure my mate”

I think things are not going to well!

Friday, September 3, 2010

August Eleanor Moon------The Case of the Missing Cat

The names August Moon and I own the Moon Detective Agency. I solve your everyday magical disappearances and mysteries.
The facts: I turn 30 in less than a week. My grandma is married to the man in the moon. Oh, Yeah, the man in the moon is real. Nothing special just your average Bayou detective who holds the future in her hands .

Have a Happy Labor Day

Abigail-Madison Chases .....Freedom Friday Party

I would like to welcome all of you to Abigail’s Freedom Friday Party. I am so excited that you decided to join us.

We have two guests of honors today is Always Abigail and August Eleanor Moon. Plus a host of folks from both their hometowns.

Please enjoy the Cocktails and Hors D'Oeuvres. Our wonderful waiters’ are carrying around trays filled with lots of delicious goodies. I would like to thank restaurants from Always Abigail and August Eleanor Moons hometowns for catering this party.

If everyone would raise their glasses I would like to make a Freedom Friday toast to two special ladies that make it fun to write. May you both have a long and happy life.

Please mingle and enjoy yourself.


Hotdogs, Hamburgers & Cheeseburgers
Pesto Marinated Chicken Breast Bruscetta over Mescaline Greens
BBQ Marinated Chicken in our Zesty Sauce
Marinated Teriyaki Steak
Steamed Mussels & Clams
Fresh Shucked Clams with Cocktail Sauce
Corn on the Cob
California Potato Salad
Fusilli Pasta Salad with Sundried Tomato & Olive
Garden Tomato Cucumber Salad

Homemade Apple Cobbler
Italian Ices