Saturday, August 21, 2010

Always Abigail.............Trouble is Brewing

Back at the Nook

“Beth, Always Abigail asked if you could add a couple more picnic baskets? She also invited you to the Country Cow for lunch. She thinks Barley would love to see you.”

“Becky”? Beth putting her hand on her hips eyed Becky with great suspicion. Becky was known for her rebellious antics. Poor Barley barely keeps her in check.

Turning slightly Beth caught the smile on Becky’s face. Miss. “Grown ass woman” was using her and her crush on Barley to cause trouble. Whoever suggested the name Temper for her was one smart cookie.

“Temper, why don’t I call a friend to come and pick us. I am sure Always Abigail will be hungry after her walk”.

“Beth, I prefer to be called Becky. Who you gonna call to pick us up”?

“Oh, just a friend”.

Beth smiled as she dialed Cross St. Laurent’s number. Two could play this little game. Temper would get a taste of her own medicine.

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  1. Trouble is definately forward to my next "fix" What is she going to say on the phone?
    Always Abigail, you're always at the center of the