Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Always Abigail..............Meets Cross

I just know this is not going to go well. Becky is going to get me in a lot of trouble with her shenanigans.

“Always Abigail, Temper is a pigheaded lass”

“Who are you?”

“Tis I, Cross St.Laurent mate of Temper Rebbecca Gibbs.”

“Cross St. Laurent. I like the name but um mm, well, I think Becky has other ideas about who her mate should be”.

“No worries Always Abigail I shall woo the fair maiden.”

I laugh a Scottish man in my head? This seems all wrong. I’v always dreamed of going to Scotland but never of writing about a Scotsman!

I must have fallen and bumped my head. I am hearing voices and seeing a 6”3 dark haired Scotsman with a drop dead sexy smile that is all fangs. Dear Lord he looks like pirate! A very sexy pirate with unlimited brooding and bad temper.

Is he following me and talking? “Always Abigail young Barley will be happy that I am the lasses mate!”

“I don’t think so Cross, I am already in trouble with King Jacques. I think it best I leave you in the Outskirts until things cool off.” I can smell trouble a mile away and between the pirate and Becky I stink! The two of them are going to lead to me into a lot of trouble.

“Always Abigail, I think I will join you and young Barley for lunch. Maybe that will get the ball rolling with Temper if her brother and I are friends." He smiles that sexy devilish smile all fangs.

Has he never read a romance book in his life? No way is Barley going to turn his sister over to a pirate without a fight.

I am not going to answer, I'll ignore him maybe he will go away and leave me alone.

Speaking of lunch I it's getting late and I am hungry. I hope Beth packed enough for us to eat.

I always order enough for an army when I head out to the Outskirts. Someone always drops in when I am out here. The Outskirts are less than 20 minutes outside the city limits most folks who live in the OutSkirts only make it to town for special occasions.

The Outskirts is often considered a smaller village because it is self supportive with everything the village has.

One of my favorite Outskirts residents is Dr. Seth Martin or Doc Martin as everyone out here calls him. Doc Martin has a thriving medical practice in town and in the Outskirts. During the winter Doc Martin lives on his estate in Outskirts so there is a doctor on call at all times in case of an emergency.

Along with his Nurse Sara Sullivan they keep everyone healthy all through the rough winters.

I see the Country Cow coming up. Looks like I was right to bring extra for lunch. I see Doc Martin and Sara pulling into the circular driveway. I hope I have enough food for the 4 of us.

“Always Abigail, what about me, I have worked up and appetite with this long walk.” Rubbing his stomach Cross gives me a puppy dog face.

“OK, you can only stay for lunch and that is it. You are not allowed to talk to Barley about Becky.” I tell the pirate. “This is to be between you and I until I can figure out things.”

The pirate smiles at time fangs showing more than usual. This should be an interesting lunch.

Always Abigail

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  1. What's going to happen at lunch??? LOL...you keep doing this to me...he he he