Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Funny Valentine: The Mall

There are days that life in Centralia resembles a Normal Rockwell painting. Everything on the canvas speaks to the beauty of life in an ideal place to live, work and rear kids. One only has to sit in the middle of the mall to see that Centralia is that town. People move about in a less hurried fashion. Chatting with a neighbor is none negotiable. You see me, we chat, I see you, and we chat.

The people of Centralia enjoy the laid back atmosphere. They never long for times gone by. They are modern and progressive. The take only the good things from the past and bring them forth . People are a most cherished resource. All citizens have value and worth.
Take for instance Always Abigail the meddlesome woman is a transplant from the big city. She came here in a whirlwind at the invitation of her BFF Sophia. Town folk liked her at first until the woman started to interfere in everyone’s love life. She means well but after a while she can kind of grates your nerves with her constant meandering and obsession with match making. But she’s a sweetheart when she smiles. Eveyone loves her.

I see she’s with Shannon former wife of her son Zach. Most folks are wondering why Shannon is back given Zach just got engaged to Meredith. Folks round here are mighty curious as to why Shannon chose this time to visit since she’s not been back to Centralia since she and Zach divorced. Yep, we are a small town of nosey folks you might say.

I see Tricia’s serving sandwiches to Shannon and Always Abigail I ought to stop in and say hi but I want. Wouldn’t want to give Always Abigail the notion that I am single and available next thing you know I am half way down the aisle on my way to wedded bliss. Oh, by the way I am Ebb Turner and I’m single and not looking for a booty call or a hook up. I’ve lived in Centralia since the turn of the century. I’ve seen lots of folks come and go. The best folks is the ones that stay cause they love the small town life. I venture to say everyone in Centralia is here cause they love small town life.

Take poor Jon the manager of the shoe store. He’s a native Centralian been here for as long as I can remember. He opened the shoe store back in ’45. Poor boys is in love with Tricia over at the dress shop. He’s been even more goo-goo eyed then usual behind Tricia since the Christmas Eve ball. Without Always Abigail’s interference I am not sure the boy would ever get the nerve up to ask her out.

That Always Abigail is a hoot. Most folks put up with her because in the end she makes their lives better when she fixes’em up with their perfect match. The woman does have the magic touch. One has to wonder what she is thinking now that her son’s ex is back. I saw Meredith in the mall a few minutes ago and from the look of the snow falling outside, I’d say most of the folks in the mall will be spending the night.

If I was a nosey fella which I am not I’d want to be a fly on the wall when the ex’ Mrs., meets the future Mrs. it should be interesting.


  1. Yes she is a hoot and i love her character for it!! huge hugs Abigail and thank you for my soap opera.

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