Monday, February 28, 2011

My Funny Valentine Lunch

The delicious smorgasbord of sandwiches that Tricia served made Always Abigail and Shannon mouths water. Served on fresh baked bread with to die for homemade mayonnaise the two devoured sandwiches as they giggled and filled their plates with some of everything they saw. The cheeses were robust and scrumptious and the fruit looked fresh picked. The dessert tray held delicious delicate tasty treats for the most discriminating palate.

Plates pilled high Always Abigail and Shannon made their way to the upper covered deck so they could watch the snow while they enjoyed their sandwiches. Not a word was spoken as the meal was eaten. The ladies sighed as they enjoyed watching the people pass by. The beauty of the mall is the people.

Centralia Central Mall is located in the heart of the outskirts. It’s one of the few places on the Outskirts that can be reached by underground tram in winter. Filled with specialty and big name stores lots of folks flock to the mall on the underground tram on snow days. With winters that last almost 9 months the mall is the local hangout for both adults and kids.

Bigger than The Mall of America, Centralia Central Mall could be spread over 10 football field. Along with all the stores there are apartments on the bottom floor in case the winter weather gets so bad the tram can’t run. There is a full service amusement park for the kids, theatre, museum, golf course and a supper club along with chain restaurants. There is also a green house and a deck that is open in the summer and covered in the winter to allow residents to sit and enjoy the falling snow without the cold. Heated by solar panels residents can enjoy the sun all year long.

Still enjoying their sandwiches the ladies watched as the mall began to fill with people. Some shopping, some headed to the second floor to eat. Looking up they notices the snow was coming down harder.

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  1. I just hd dinner a few hours ago and this one made me hungry post great description of the food and the joy from it.