Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Spa

Meredith changed heavy in thought. Bending down to takeoff her shoes she missed the two women coming through the front door. “Shannon, this is just what we need! A nice relaxing massage,a soak, and a facial! I do hope that Sophia is here today. I swear that woman’s hands are magic!” Shannon sighed as Always Abigail prattled on. She loved her ex mother in law but at times the woman could drive her to a distraction. Looking around Shannon was reminded of old times when she and her friends would come to the spa and enjoy a girl’s day out. Smiling she stretched. When she and Zach first married and moved to Centralia those were the best times in their marriage. Rubbing her neck she followed Always Abigail into the massage room. Maybe this was what she needed a little time to get herself together. Besides that Peter would be here soon and she would feel much, much better about meeting Zach and his fiancé. Closing her eyes she continued to listen at Always Abigail as she detailed her list of things to do that afternoon. Always Abigail seemed to slowly quite down to only grunts of pleasure as Sophia began her massage. Reaching over to her left side Sophia turn on what Shannon recognized as Always Abigail favorite musical artist. The music added to the holistic atmosphere as the smell of jasmine began to move in the air. This was surely what she need. Always Abigail was right. Funny the woman always seemed to know what people needed to feel better.

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