Friday, April 15, 2011

Maya: The Spa

Ladies may I have your attention. Due to the excessive snow fall Mayor Fields is requiring everyone to spend the night at the mall. Maya made the announcement over the loud speak.

This was going to be a busy night. Based on the report from the sheriff’s office she and the others might be snowed in the mall for the rest of the week. Thank goodness she and her staff maintained apartments in the mall like the rest of the residents of Centralia.

Picking up her current guest list she called ahead to ensure each ladies keys were brought over and left at the front desk. Looking down the list she noted Always Abigail and Shannon her ex daughter in law were getting a massage as well as her sons current fiancé Meredith. Well this should be interesting. Always Abigail’s apartment adjoined those belonging to both Always Abigail and her son. Since Shannon was a guest in town it would be expected that she stay in either of the apartments. This should be interesting.

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