Saturday, July 31, 2010

Always Abigail................The Outskirts of Centralia

I love to visit the Outskirts of Centralia. A country girl myself there is nothing like fresh air and open country. The Green Mountains are a testament to the beauty of nature at its best.

Visitors and residents alike can find it all here, clean air, whitewater fishing, and great camping grounds.

Three of the great things about the Outskirts of Centralia are: The General Store: Country Cows (Dylan’s Farm) and Doc Martin.

Taylor Moran’s family has owned The General Store since year 2051 although it is opened year round it does most of its best business during the winter.

Taylor and his wife Martina keep the place well stocked since most winters start in September and end in May. Folks on the Outskirts would have a hard time coming to town when it’s snowed for weeks, even months at time.

Taylors even has a fleet of snowmobiles that he uses to deliver supplies if needed.

I like Taylor he’s and old soul born over a century ago Taylor meet his wife Martina in what use to be Boston in the late 40’s while he was a part of the CIA with Barley Gibbs.

Odd two former CIA operatives settled in the same part of town.

“It’s not so odd Always Abigail. I told Barley he best stay of your cross hair or you would bring trouble to his farm”.


“Who do you think it is Always Abigail?”

“Your voice is not what I thought it be. I wrote you as gentle man and older than a century. I pictured you with a cougar for a wife. A cougar in terms of her being at least 7 years older”

“Always Abigail, Martina is not a cougar, she’s a human! My human”! I wonder if his forehead always has that vein that seems to get bigger as he gets angry?

“Ok, well, hum, so, Taylor…

“Always Abigail, I thought this story was about the young Prince, Jack and Sabrina."?

"You never seem to mention then. Yet, you ALWAYS seem to irritate everyone else. Why is that I wonder?” Taylors a bastard if I ever wrote one.

“Taylor, do I detect a note of sarcasm in your voice”!

“Ummm, Always Abigail, how nice for you to visit us”?


“Yes, Always Abigail. I am here to ask that you stop irritating my mate."

“Martina are you sure you want Taylor for your mate I can give you that ideal mate I had in mind?” I smile and lick my tongue out at Taylor. The bastard makes a face at me as well. Jackass!

"You to cut it out! Taylor I am ahamed of you!"

"But sweetheart she started it...."I lick my tongue out again and make crazy faces as Martina dresses Taylor down. That will teach him to mess with me? Ok, so I am out of order but he started it!

Martina turns and I put on my wounded face as she says “Always Abigail, I am perfectly happy with Taylor. My I suggest you move on before you cause any more trouble. I am sure Barley is waiting on you. "

“Ok, have a wonderful day Martina, as for you Taylor umm, kiss my grits. I run along the path as Taylor shows me his fangs. I can tell from that moment he is going to be a bastard to write.

Where I was i before Mr. Rude interrupted our walk …Oh was yeah Country Cows is my next stop. I have introduced you to the to sexy Barley Gibbs a couple of days ago.

The Country Cow Dairy Farm is Barley’s pride and joy. I have been lucky enough to spend a couple of days at the Country Cow writing. Barley often rents out rooms in the farm house to residents and visitors that want to get away from the village.

Days at the Country Cow start early as early as 4am. Barley has pumps that milk the cows but for a real experience you can milk old Bess the cow for your own milk that will later be pasteurized and put on to beautiful glass jars with a picture of Old Bess and Barley.

Barley hates the jars but his sister Becky came up with the concept and Barley not wanting to hurt the 13 year old feeling never said a word to her.

I hope Becky is at the Country Cow today she can maybe smooth things over with me and Barley. Along with one of Beth’s picnic baskets I hope.

I see Becky come down the lane on her bike. Beth’s no longer 13 she’ 23 and poor old Barley is having headaches with all the antics Becky get up to in pursuit of…………….

“Always Abigail, are you headed out to the Country Cow?”, Barley The Terrible is waiting is in a foul mood”.

“Becky, why is Barley in a foul mood?”

“Always Abigail, he mad because I am a grown ass woman and I can do what I want! Despite what you and Barley the Terrible think”!

“Okay, Becky maybe you will be in a better mood when you see what I have in my picnic basket I got from Beth’s”.

“Beth sweet Beth still has a crush on my brother Barley The Terrible. I think I will pay Beth a visit and see how much that pig headed brother of mine likes that”

“Now, Becky, I don’t think you should do that I don’t want to get blamed for your doing something stupid.”

“Always Abigail, I am not going to do anything that “Barley The Terrible does not deserve!” leaning over Becky kisses me on the cheek. I think our sweet Becky is up to about to be up to some mischief and I am going to get the blame.

Always Abigail

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  1. I liked this one. I have said that many times, I can do what I want, I'm a grown for more...smiles...