Friday, September 24, 2010

Always Abigail…….The Country Cow

The Country Cow Dairy Farm is one of my favorite places to visit on the outskirts of Centralia. One of my favorite things about the farm is of course its owner Barley Gibbs. The other is the ice cream! Barley makes the best homemade ice cream in Centralia.

The Country Cow is a working dairy farm. Since its opening the C & C has delivered milk in glass bottles to residents 7 days a week rain sleet or snow. Barley uses his fleet of snowmobiles during the winter to deliver milk.

The majestic beauty of the farm always leaves visitors breathless. The big red barn which displays the Country Cow logo never fails to take my breath away. Surrounded by trees the barn is a historical landmark that inspires artist from around the world to sit for days capturing it’s beauty.

The Country Cow allows visitors to get a little R&R in the bunkhouses in back of the main house. The beautiful country cottages are romantic and restful.
Well, I am all most to the main house. I see Barley and so of the others from the outskirts are here.

Oh, dear I wish I had added a sweater to my things…..I am off to enjoy my the last day of Summer in Centralia.

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