Friday, September 24, 2010

Always Abigail...................The Picnic

Things at the Country Cow are really not going well for Always Abigail.

King Jacques has made his way to the road leading to the Country Cow.

“Why is it that trouble always seems to follow you Always Abigail?” Stepping out of his car an air of power whipped like wind around the king.

Turing slowly I put on my best smile as King Jacques squinted his eyes disapproving.

“I am not trouble King Jacques. It’s these crazy characters that I have running around in my head. They all want to do what they want and I can’t seem to control them”.

“Always Abigail!” King Jacques yelled! Do you think the smoke rising from his ears is an indication that I am really in trouble?

Is it my fault all my characters are defiant. All I wanted to do was come out to the Country Cow to enjoy a tour of the farm and a picnic lunch. Instead I am in trouble again with the king.

“Always Abigail, I expect you to clean this mess up and make sure Temper does not cause a problem. That young lady is your responsibility and I expect you to take her in hand. I understand my Queen Sophie will be joining you for lunch. To ensure nothing goes wrong I as well will be joining your little tour and lunch.

“Yes, King Jacques.” Darn it! I had plans to introduce the Queen Sophie to her new mate. I guess that want happen with King Jacques around.

“I shall take young Temper under my wing”.


“I can’t believe you are still here”

“I used me invisible power. Your king could not see me”. Ahh, hell, this was not going to go well.

I have my reservation about it but I am going to have to enlist Cross to distract Temper.

“OK, Cross you can entertain Temper. I only ask that you not make things worse”.

“Always Abigail I promise I will not mess this up for ya. I shall secure my mate”

I think things are not going to well!

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