Thursday, September 30, 2010

Always Abigail..........................King Jacques

Always Abigail the irksome woman had given him more frown lines in the past year than his first 1,000 upon the earth. The woman was a troublemaker. Every day one of his pack was calling him about her meddling. He’d only agreed to let the minx come to town for Sophie.

Always Abigail was supposed to find a mate for his son Jack not everyone in town including his headstrong mate. The old battle-ax wanted to find his mate a boyfriend.

He and Sophie had been separate for 150 years. That was not to say they did not indulge in the occasion bed sport. That was perfect between the two of them. If only he could heal the broken relationship. That would not be possible if Always Abigail had her way and gave his mate to another. The woman’s pen was poisoned.

Looking at the river he saw Sophie smiling and talking with Rhys Cacao his rival. This was the man that Always Abigail had chosen for his mate. He would be dammed if Sophie would take another mate. Marching toward the lake he decided to lay down the law to Always Abigail, Rhys and his wayward mate.

“Dad” Blocking his path was Jack. Jack was his eldest, the next alpha of the pack if he ever found a mate. That was what Always Abigail was supposed to be doing. The irksome little trouble maker was suppose to be writing a story for his son not meddling in his affairs.

“Yes, son, what is it”.

“Um, I think you are making a big mistake if you go over there with that look on your face. Mom’s not going to be happy. Always Abigail is her friend “.

What Jack said was true Sophie thought the world of the Abby . Dammit what was he suppose to do let the blasted woman write him out of his wife’s life?

“Dad I think you need to talk to mom and not umm yell or issue ultimatums.” Looking at his son he realized what he said was true. The only thing was he was losing his mate and he could not live with that. Sophie was his and there was no way in hell Always Abigail was writing his out of her life period.

“Jack when you find your mate I hope all that works for you. Cause it sure as hell will not work for me. Stomping off Jacques headed toward the lake.”

Watching as his father and his security team headed to towards his mother Jack sighed. This was not going to turn out good. His mother and father gave him the he-bi-gibes when it came to relationships. They had been separated since his birth.

Correction they had not lived together since before he was born. He found that out when he was thirteen and walked in his mothers bedroom thinking her alone found his father there in bed with his mother.

The two of them could give lessons in screwed up relationships. Looking around he was overcome with the smell of cotton candy. Taking a deep breath he turned to Levi head of his personal security team motioning for him follow him as he looked for the source of the sweetest smell to ever capture his nose.

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