Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Always Abigail……………………… ..The Baker

The brisk winds of fall came tumbling in to the village last night. It's constant companion snow descended upon the village like a light dusting of sugar on corn flakes.

I love fall in Centralia. The trees are turning colors the sights and sounds of autumn always make me smile. Growing up in the south I never experienced a true winter, until I moved here. I am always excited about the start of fall.

One of the hall marks of autumn in the village is the celebration that takes place from the first weekend in October till the Fall Festival and Halloween on October 31.

Each weekend in October there is a party or small festival that celebrates autumn.
One of the things I love most about the B&B is the beautiful stone fireplace in the living room. Jessie makes sure on nights like last night the fire never goes out. That is one of the things I am going to miss living in the B&B full time. My own personal fire starter.

I am moving to the carriage house adjacent to the B&B. The carriage house dates back to the late 1700. King Jacques at the suggestion of Queen Sophia (whose good graces he wants to get back in) was nice enough to send over a couple of strong shifters to assist me with the move after the picnic.

That nice of him!(as you said Always Abigail anything for my Queen. I think the king just gave me the finger)!

I am headed over to Queen Sophia’s. She and I are going to help decorate the courtyard square for the season. After that I am headed off to learn to bake.

Chastity’s Bakery has really fabulous classes on baking cookies. I want to bring cookies to every party I go to this fall. This should be really nice. A lot of the women in Centralia will be taking this class.

I see Mayor Fields. I think I pop over and say Hi!

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