Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Always Abigail……………….The Mayor & Baking

Mayor Fields is such a lovely women. She's single and I think our Jeff will make a nice companion for her.

“Mayor Fields, I am so delighted that you are my baking partner. I see great possibilities for our shared baking experience”

"Are these the decorations for the courtyard? Pointing to the small wagon of fall festival decorations. Always Abigail begins to smile and turn around.

I just love fall!" Twirling around with her bright smile Always Abigail does a little dance.

Always Abigail! Lord help me!

Always Abigail is nothing but a trouble maker of the highest order. I am not sure what she's up! That smile of hers has me cringing. It's that “I have a man for you smile” she always gets when she's around people that are single.

I can assure you whatever it is I get the feeling I am not going to like it.

“I am so excited about these baking classes at Chastity’s. I have several dozen recipes I have been dying to try!"

The women does go on and on about nothing. I actually like Always Abigail. I love to see her and her poison pen devour the single population one single at a time.

The woman has skills when it amour. Who else could have gotten the king and queen talking again.

She’s in my baking class that has to means she’s trying to set someone else up. I am not sure Always Abigail is the cooking type. She always seems to be writing.

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