Saturday, October 2, 2010

Always Abigail....................Plotting

“Will your husband be kicking my ass soon Sophia? I would prefer not to bleed if at all possible today. You and Always Abigail and you’re crazy scheme are going to get me killed. Honest to the goddess you need to make up with Jacques.”

“Rhys Jacques will kill us both if Always Abigail plans don’t work.” Sophia sighed looking like a wayward child.

“Let me share a little secret with you Sophia. Killing me will be his pleasure. You will never die at his hands”.

“Rhys Jacques is not going to kill you.”

“Really how do you know I want destroy your lover.”

Standing in door way of the dairy process plant with his full security team Jacques walked over to Sophia. Looking up at him she realized she still loved his was sexy swagger.

So she still loved him but his lies had destroyed their marriage.

“Jacques, you are not going to kill anyone especially not Rhys so stop with the posturing. We are leaving.”

“He can leave we need to talk.” Blocking her exit Jacques prepared for battle with his mate if he had to he would use everything he had to hold on to her including sex. There was no way he would allow the two of them to spend a cozy afternoon enjoying a picnic by the lake.

“Jacques, I see your WIFE coming. I think it best I leave you to her”

Lila was rounding the corner walking toward them. Dressing in purple and white she looked beautiful. Catching Rhys hand for support Sophie left the processing plant with her back to Jacques as the tears started to run down her face.


“Not now Rhys I am the older sister you are the younger brother. Don’t say a word. Please don’t threaten to kill Jacques again. I still love him.”

“Mom!” Jack came racing toward them. “Are you ok?”

“You and dad need to work this out. Dad is not giving up. He is determined not to lose you.”

“Jack this is between your father and I. I love you son but stay out of this. I am going to walk over to the bunkhouse and admire the beautiful flower beds. I will join you both at the picnic in a little bit.”

“Uncle Rhys, you still haven’t told dad you’re moms’ brother. Let me guess Always Abigail is behind this.”

“I still haven’t figure out how you knew Jack.”

“The two of you look alike.”

"Jack, I have never looked like a woman” Laughing Rhys patted Jack on the back.

“Come on your twins. Dad can’t see it. I am sure Always Abigail has something to do with that.”

“Actually I asked Always Abigail not to say anything to your father or anyone for that matter. I am here for two reasons and the main one is your parents. Sophia and Jack are both stubborn and they have reached an impasse it’s up to me to help my sister.”

“You haven’t told her you know Lila is your mother”

“No and I am not going to. She can’t handle it between Dad and Lila. Mom has enough stress on her. She does not need to know I am talking to Lila or that she is your mate."

“How did you figure that out?”

“I’ve known she was my mother since I was 6 and she sent me a letter I intercepted from the mail when dad was away on territory business. As for her being your mate Always Abigail dropped a hint with her poison pen.”

“I should have known that woman could not mind her own business. I see Jacques is going toward the bunkhouse.” His security team was headed for the picnic area. I would say your father does not plan for your mother to join the picnic.”

“No good could come of this. Barley must be in on it. He talking to mom and slowly moving her around. Now he’s showing her the flower beds in front of the cabin dad just went into. The old bastard is up to his old tricks.

“You are not going to stop your mother from going that way Jack?"

“Nope it would do no good. Besides I am hungry I smell cotton candy. That’s how I ended up at the processing plant. I am headed to the picnic to my food and moms looks like the whole town has turned out.

She needed time to think. Walking towards the first set of bunkhouse she collided into Barley.

“I am sorry Barley I was thinking. How are you doing the farm looks marvelous? I am so glad Always Abigail invited me to the picnic.”

“Queen Sophia I am honored that you came.” Smiling at Queen Sophia he looked over her head to see Jacques signaling him to direct her to the bunkhouse as he was going inside of. Shaking his head he gave a small nod of agreement.

This was Always Abigail’s doing. The woman was a menace to society. She played both ends to the middle and the meeting ground was happily ever after.

Looking around as the queen talked he noticed Jacques security force going toward the picnic area. All but Jeff he would provide protection while Jacques and his mate talked. Rhys and Jack observed what he did this was a set up.

Most likely this was Always Abigail’s doing. Where was the little minx anyway? She seemed to be missing. Scanning the area he saw her at the gate to the C& C with Beth and Becca. What the hell was Beth doing here?

“Queen Sophia I’ve started a new bed over by the second bunkhouse. I called last week for your advice on how to replant trees in that area. If you would be so kind as to look at them and give me your expert design advice then invoice me for our consultation I would appreciate it. “

Thank the goddess Always Abigail had suggested he call the queen last week when he planned the picnic or his head would be on the chopping block for interference.

He was certain when the queen found herself alone in the bunkhouse with her mate she would analyze every move she made. The poor women would never realize like he just did Always Abigail set this whole thing up for a specific purpose.

Walking faster he headed to the gate something was not right and he got the feeling he would soon be on the receiving end of Always Abigail’s poison pen.

Walking up the trail Sophia saw the beautiful flower bed. Looking around she saw the plant Barley mentioned on the porch. Climbing the stairs she reached to inspect the plants as she was grabbed and gently tugged into the bunkhouse.

“Now mate we will have that conversation you denied me minutes ago.”

Pulling her close Jacques kissed his queen. As their tongues tangled Sophia at first fought for control realizing that would never happen with Jacques she give in to her mate.

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