Thursday, July 22, 2010

Always Abigail Tries to Stay Out of Trouble?

Always Abigail Explains………………………….

My meeting with King Wolfgang was quite successful. Ok, so he yelled and screamed about his mate dating another wolf no worries. I think we came to a clear understanding.

Ok, we agreed to disagree.

King Wolfgang is such a hottie, with his brooding looks. The king oozes red hot passion with silver hair and a sexy swagger. I am not sure why he and Queen Sophia are having so many problems. Maybe I should.


"Yes, Queen Sophia, how can I help you?"

"Always Abigail may I suggest you not antagonize the king. I have asked Kelsey Sanders to meet you at noon at the B&B. She will help you find suitable living quarters. Always Abigail try and stay out of trouble and do try and not antagonize the king by hooking up his pack!"

"I will do my best Queen Sophia."*OMG the Qeen said hooking up!

"Always Abigail I would like to ask a favor of you before you leave would you please find suitable mates for all my sons”

*Smiling* Of course I will Queen Sophia it would be my pleasure.

Always Abigail~

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