Thursday, July 29, 2010

Always Abigail.............The Breakfast Nook

Always Abigail......................The Breakfast Nook

Beth’s Breakfast Nook is located almost in the heart of the town square amoungst the modern and older building you'll find Beths Breakfast Nook.

The Nook as locals call it is a renovated colonial 2 story. Beth Captalan the owner lives in the 13 rooms above. She converted the first floor into the restaurant and gift shop.

I love the Nook they serve breakfast all day with special order picnic baskets during the summer. The pinic baskets are almost as famous as the breakfast and just as popular.

The outside of the Nook is painted blue with the most delightful off white shutters that open and close over the oversized windows. The walkway has beautiful flowers on each side. There is a large welcome sign on the front door. When you walk in to Beths the first thing you notice is that it looks like a real kitchen and its just as homey.

Beth opened the Nook 10 years ago when she was fresh out of culinary school. The Nook is one of my favorite places to eat when I am in Centralia besides the B&B.

“Hello, Beth”

“Good Morning, Always Abigail still in Centralia causing trouble are Ya?”

“Who me? I am not trouble Beth; I am just a lonely hearts writer”.

“They call you the poison pen Always Abigail. I heard on the way over here you got Barley Gibbs all fired up. I mean the man is a dish and when he puts on that milkman suit who can resist him.” Goosh I think Beth’s in love with Barley? That can’t be write I have another Wolff Mate for her.

I guess I better ask before I cause a problem and the King want like that “Beth are you interested in Barley?”

“Let it be Always Abigail”. I smile at her as she leads me to my favorite table in the solarium. The solarium opens into a beautiful patio with dozens of my favorite pink roses and a fish pond with the most exotic fish you’ll ever see. Thomas the turtle is a fixture on the patio.

I like Beth she is one of the few residents of Centralia that welcomes without complaint. One of the special things about Beth is she has a pretty smile. Her ink black hair is a stark contrast to her green eyes. She reminds me of a porcelain doll. Beth has a story I am not sure what it is but sometimes I catch her staring with a longing look in her eyes. Beth has a story I am not sure what it is but one day very soon I am going to write Beth's story and I get the feeling Barley will be right in the middle of it. Until then I think I had better decided on what I am having for breakfast.

I see Henri’ my favorite waiter coming.

Smiling as Henri's makes his way to my table. I remember why I love the Nook so much. The walls are light green trimed in white. The counters have and tables have lots of plants and fresh flowers. The tables and chairs are hand carved in the shape of forks and spoons and the tables look like giant plates. They were done by our local carpenter Dylan Chambers.

You know I had Dylan in mind for Beth but now that she has indicated her interest in Barley I guess I better find Dylan another Wolff Mate.

Here’s Henri I think I will order a huge breakfast since I am headed over to Dylan’s on the outskirts of town.

"Henri, I think I will have the, Apple Smoked Bacon, Cheddar Cheese Grits, along with a 10 stack with whipped foothill mountain butter and Vermont maple syrup."

Humm, you know since I am going to be spending some time out in the country I’ll take a picnic lunch to Dylan’s.

"Henri’ I’ll would also like to order a picnic basket".............

Always Abigail

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