Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa Claus Needs Some Loving

Santa Claus Needs Some Loving

The twinkling stars shining on the snow always makes me long for home. It’s the first day of the Christmas season and love is in the Centralia Air.

I am headed over to help decorate the town hall and sing a few songs. I think there are a few happily ever afters about to take place. My first couple is Zach and Meredith.

Zach Reed is the local barber he owns Reed Barbershop. He’s handsome with those chocolate brown eyes and sexy swagger. At 6’6 he was a standout basketball player in college then he spent 10 years with the Celtics. After retirement he and his wife Shannon moved back to Centralia. Zach and Shannon divorced about 5 years ago. Every since his divorce Zach has been looking for love.

I have arranged for Zach Reed to play Santa Claus this year for the little ones and Meredith Matthews is his helper.

Meredith Matthews has been love with Zach Reed since she moved back to town 4 years ago. Sweet Meredith owns the town candy store Chocolate Lady. Meredith is petite and reminds me of a fairy with all that long black hair. Her eyes remind me of Elizabeth Taylor with their unusual purple hue. The poor dear is 5’4 but we all pretend that she is taller.

Try as I might I have never been able to get these two together. This year I think I will sprinkle a little Christmas magic around and see what happens.

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