Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day in Centralia and all hearts are aflutter.

I love Valentine's Day. It's that one day of the year when love is on display. I often forget birthdays and anniversaries but like everyone else I can't forget Valentine's Day. I am a great mate. I just forget until the last minute to do somthing for special occasions that should be remembered.

In a perfect world everyday would be Valentine's Day. There would be no need for Valentine's Day because every husband or wife would speak words of love without failure. There would be an acknowledgement of LOVE all the time.

In the real world I live in while it is possible it sometimes does not happen. There are those that get it right 365 days a year without failure. They send flowers and lavish love on their mates making it Valentine's Day everyday of the year. My hats off to them.

Yet, that is not the reality for many lovers. Including myself. I plan a special dinner and a kid gets sick. Date night has to be cancelled because I am too tired. I plan a romantic picnic, evening, or just a few minutes alone in the bathroom and there is pounding at the door "mom"!

Kids, work, LIFE they seem to overshadow everything.

That is why I for one love Valentine's Day. I am so glad that I have one day to lavish love, balloons,candy, hugs and kisses on the one I love. While I should do it everyday I don't. I wish I did. I really wish I did.

I wish that I could stand up and say everyday is like Valentine's in my life. It's not and you know what that's OK. Because once a year I Rock my own world on February 14. I go all out! Hearts, flowers, candy, bubble baths, flowers on the flower on the floor. I plan for weeks! I refuse to let anything stop me!

Love is 365 day a year without failure. Love is a everyday thing or it should be. Love is more than Valentine's Day and should be acknowledged with every breathe we take. That is why I make a pledge to do better each and every year Valentine's Day rolls around.

I pledge to say I love you everyday and do something special for my mate. I want to lavish hugs, kisses and romance on the one I love 364 days year . I want to plan a special dinner or night out a couple of times a month. I want Valentines Day to be just another day of the year nothing special. Will it happen who knows.

If not I'll keep making my pledge every year until I get it right. But until I do Valentine's Day will be my one day a year that I go all out and show love like I wish I did 364 days a year.

Happy Valentines’ Day From Always Abigail

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