Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Funny Valentine ~The Dress


The voice over the phone was one she knew well it was her husband, Peter. Peter was the man whose love. He’d saved her soul from wilting and dying. Peter was her, past, present and future. He was the man that she would grow old with.

“Do not cry. my love. I know this is an emotional journey. That is why I am on my way to Centralia. I should be in there by dinner." Peter gave her the details of his arrangements as she tried to calm herself.

Letting the tears fall she listened as Peter talked. That was one of the things that she fell in love with. He always knew when she needed him the most. Unlike Zach he would notice if she moved her clothes out of their closet. He would notice if they were not communicating. He would notice and he would do everything to make it right.

Still sniffing Shannon sat on the toilet and cried for what the happiness she was denied long ago. Her tears were burial tears. Zach was her past, Meredith was his future. Peter was on his way. All was well with the universe. If possible she would delay the meeting with Meredith until Peter was by her side. Wiping her face the door to the ladies room swung open.

“Shannon sweetheart are you all right, it’s me Always Abigail. You know Zach’s mom, the woman you came to the store with. I am about 5’10 or is it 6”0. Oh, darn I do wonder sometimes how tall I am. I have long dark hair, I always wear pink. Shannon?”

“I am ok; I just needed a moment to myself. I was a little overwhelmed for a moment”.

“Oh, dear. I kind of felt that way until I realized that poor salesman, Jon is all alone. I think he and Tricia who owns the dress shop next door would make great couple."

Getting up as Always Abigail prattled Shannon realized she had two options sit and listen to Always Abigail or leave the bathroom and pray the woman found someone else to match make. The woman loved to match make. It always amazed her that in all her match making she never realized the two people she selected were not even remotely interested in finding love.

Laughing she choose option two leave she knew there just way Always Abigail would not find someone else to match make. Unless the poor woman fell dead she would find some poor soul that was a happy bachelor or bachelorette to ruin with her match making skills.

Drying her eyes Shannon exited the stall to Always Abigail’s open arms. There was no need for words. Always Abigail was a nurturer she loved people and people loved her. Ok, kinda sort.

“Oh dear, don’t cry Always Abigail is here! I took care of everything. I shooed Meredith away. What say we shop a little longer and then get something to eat? I am sure you will feel better once you get something delicious in your tummy. But first you must see the most divine dress over at Tricia’s Dress Shop.” Prattling on again Always Abigail waved at the salesman, Jon who seemed to run away as she walked up.

“I suppose Jon is running off to plan his first date with Tricia.” Well, let’s get some of those delicious sandwiches that Tricia serves to her very special customers. I do hope she is in today. I want to talk to her and find out what her ideas are for a successful first date. Maybe I can pass it on to Jon.”

Crossing the mall floor Always Abigail gooshed at the little black dress.

Ever wonder what a blank stare really looks like. After listening to Always Abigail at this moment I know what it is now. *Blank Stare*

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