Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Funny Valentine: Shannon & Always Abigail Shop

Always Abigail put her plan into action over a new pair of spring sandals. First they would shop, then lunch, then dessert at the Chocolate Lady that should get the ball rolling.

“Shannon you and I have to stop by the Chocolate Lady and have dessert. They make the most divine triple chocolate covered peanuts served over ice cream and chocolate cake.” Always Abigail said, her lips curving into a deep smile of remembered happiness at eating the scrumptious dessert. “I had one just yesterday and it was over the top fatting. I am so glad you are here to give me and excuse to get another one today.”

Shannon smiled as Always Abigail continued to prattle on about the Chocolate Lady while trying on shoes. Sighing she realized her motives for coming to Centralia were not as pure as she once thought they were. She was here for more than assurance that Zach was happy. She was here to figure what his fiancée had that she did not. Did she want to see her she wasn’t sure.

When their marriage failed she was as dumbfounded as Zach seemed in his first letter after the divorce. Looking up she watched as Always Abigail laughed and chatted up the male shoe salesman who appeared to be rolling his eyes.

“So, Jon, have you given any thought to taking Tricia out for dinner on Sunday? I think the two of you would make the most adorable couple. She is such a sweet girl. I tell you what. I can arrange a chance meeting for the two of you at the carriage house.” Jon, the sales clerk rolled his eyes again as Always Abigail continued to try and match make.

Out the front window behind her was the woman Shannon recognized from
the newspaper with Zach, his fiancée’ blinking she watched as the woman came toward the store with a smile on her face. Shannon braced herself. She knew in coming back she would meet the woman who took her place. This was the woman who thawed Zach’s heart.

Panicking she wonder what she should do. Should she rush over and introduce herself or should she wait for Always Abigail to introduce her. Hyperventilating Shannon closed her eyes and tried to calm down and get a grip on her emotions.

Oh, NO! A thought crossed her mind quickly. What if Zach was with here? What would this meeting be like? She’d planned to meet with Zach privately at first then maybe his fiancée’. No, true be told she never planned to meet his fiancée’. She wanted to meet Zach and find out what went wrong. Over the years they’d exchanged letters but never in all the years that had passed had the two of them really discussed the disintegration of their marriage.

Though she was happily married now, she still wondered if they could have made. The what if’s bombarded were bombarding her more and more since Zach’s engagement. What it if they had talked more, spent more time together what if he cared enough to not let her go? That was the reason she left Paris the ifs needed answers.

Looking around she bolted for the bathroom and a moment of privacy. Pulling out her cell phone as she moved she called the one man needed assurance form at this moment. Tears falling she punched in the number praying he would answer.



  1. I love that picture; it fits this episode perfectly!

  2. Rebecca is right, the pic fits the episode perfect. I'm sorry it took me a while to get back over here. I had to catch up with my soap though. Finally had a chance to hugs.