Saturday, May 15, 2010

Almost Abigail Visits Centralia Village

Always Abigail smiles because she’s got the sweetest love. Yep, I sure do. *Smiling*.

I am in Centralia Village for the entire weekend.
I staying over at Barb’s Bed & Breakfast and let me recommend the grits to ya; they are delicious with homemade biscuits & maple syrup the pan fried maple syrup bacon ain’t bad either.

Barb and her husband Jesse are from Natchitoches, La. They own the Hospitality B&B’s down south. Barb’s heart is here in Centralia Village at the B&B.

I think I am going to wonder around the city and introduce ya’ll to some of the citizens. There is nothing on earth like the fresh air and beauty of the Green Mountains to start a beautiful day.

I think we ought to stop by Mayor Fields house and pay a visit before we venture too far in to the city.

Mayor Christian Fields is a west coast transplant somewhat. Her family lived her before the tragedy. They moved to Sacramento in the late 30’s she and her ma moved back to Centralia about 28 years ago when the mayor was two. Sweet girl our mayor she just can’t seem to find love hum *thinking*.

(Always Abigail keep your paws out of my love life. Come on Christian I got the perfect guy in mind for ya. I swear you will love him *grinning*! Absolutely not and get off my porch Always Abigail and don’t come back).

That did not go so well and maybe the reason the Mayor Fields is still single. No matter what the mayor says I am going to work on finding her a man.

Since the mayor is going to be so inhospitable I say we walk on down to Jake’s for lunch. Jake’s from the Midwest, he owns the local diner. They serve good food.

The diner is an old railroad car and Chef Tom can make anything. I think I’ have a chipotle hamburger with homemade fries. I see Jake the owner’s behind the counter. Jake is a sweet fella sexy as hell with those sexy chocolate brown eyes and muscles for day *sigh*)

Though Jake has been kind of testy lately he just found out his mate is Shannon Lanier our local Sheriff. Maybe he and Shannon need my help getting together I think I’ll… (Abigail!! Hi Jake. So, what’s up with you and Shannon? Abigail mind your own dam business. Tom one chip & fry for our resident writer so she can get the hell out of my diner and leave my love life alone).

I think I’ll take my lunch to the park and enjoy the day. Some of the residents seem a little out of sorts…….Oh; yeah my reason for being in Centralia Sabrina and Jack…………..

Sabrina and Jack have not officially been introduced but her sweet cotton candy scent is driving him crazy. Jack smells it all over town and can’t seem to track down the scent………………

Here is Jack now (Causing trouble are ya Abigail.Who me Jack? No. I was just trying to be helpful. Abigail, I have got calls from all over town and you have only been here 4 hours. May I suggest you go back to the B&B and not cause any more trouble. But I was headed to the park. Abigail*shouting*! Ok, Ok, Jack who died and left you King. Abigail as you well know the king is not dead and he left me in charge! I am the Prince……)

*Stunned* I guess I better got back to the B&B and eat my lunch….
Always Abigail

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