Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Always Abigail Deals With 6th Grade, Writing & Breakfast?

Living the life of Almost Abigail is like being a feature stripper at the hottest club in town.
Everyone wants ya' but you know at the end of the night you are going home alone. I know the analogy is a little raw but hey a girl can dream: Come to the stage Always Abigail *grinning* while working the pole like a pro.

Um, back to what I was writing about. My Omega A/K/A Shelby always manages to bring home, homework for me. Being her mom is not good enough for my Omega she likes it when I keep busy bogged down in her homework.

Who know I would I spend my evenings making posters for science class and write stories for Language Art after 10 years (OK, it is a little more like 7 years. NO? Would you believe 15? No? MOVING ON).

Yep, just like a stripper all the guys in the audience want me until they realized I am all plastic and good lighting. My Omega loves that I 'help" she often falls asleep as I finish one project after another. A stripping moms job is never done.

I have found my muse. I really have. Always Abigail the stripping librarian? Coming to the stage Always Abigail the sexy, librarian! My Muse is chocolate. I am writing for a chocolate treat just like Scooby did for his snacks.

While indulging in my muse I found it! I have actually found the town that I am going to set my story in. Centralia which of course is a real town in Pennsylvania or it use to be until the mines exploded and left a giant sink hole in the place. I am a paranormal writer (OK, want to be writer) what did you expect.

My story is set 200 years in the future the world has changed little from the way it is now. Well, maybe it has changed a little I mean when was the last time you meet a 200 year old Vampire named Frederick.

My hero's name is not Frederick but he is 200 years old he is your average 6'4 (what u are 6"7 ok,) 6'7 good looking bad ass with fangs. Richer than Buffet smarter than Gates. Lonelier than Hallie Berry. Jay if he will allow me to call him that is looking for love in all the wrong places. You guesses it Jay (OK, I want calling you Jay) Mr. Fangs (don't like that either). Please stop reading while I argue with Mr. Fang!

(Look I know what your name is. Of course I will tell the people your name, I was not being disrespectful call you Mr. Fang. Your future mates calls that and you love it! OK, I will call you by your name. Nuf Sed.

Where was I, oh yeah my hero whose name is Jacob *under my breathe Mr. Fang* is lonely and looking for love in all the wrong places i.e. strip clubs. As you can see Jacob *Mr. Fang* and I have a delightful relationship. He whispers to me all the freaking time. I mean who would whisper to a Neurotic! Uhhhhh!

Well, it's about time for breakfast. I can smell a delicious Hazelnut coffee in my future. MMMM, Jacob and I love our Hazelnut Coffees like strippers love clear heels........

Always Abigail

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