Saturday, May 15, 2010

Always Abigail spends time in Centralia Village with Friends?

Evenings in Centralia Village harkens the day of old when there was no TV or radio. The stars come out at dusk as residents turn on their porch lights as a beacon to the fireflies and mosquitoes.

The Green Mountains are a haven for full moons that serve as an anchor for lovers. Most of the homes round here are old colonials that date back over five centuries. You can still find doors unlocked and kids still play in the streets until nightfall.

Centralia is what America use to be way back in the days before any of these residents ever lived. A fellow named Bruce Springsteen use sing about places like this.

It’s such a beautiful night I think I’ll head on over to Luc’s Steakhouse for dinner. Most folks round here head to Luc’s when they want a fancy dinner. It’s on the shore and the moonlight on the water is breath taking.

The owner Lucas Woolf is a distant cousin of Jack’s. Luc’s ma and pa came from Russia and settled here back in 2012. Luc owns steakhouses all over but spends most of his time right here in the Village. I see Luc’s Aston Martin is parked in the lot and so is Zoe Clovers pick-up. Zoe has been in love with Luc since forever and now that she’s graduated from Columbia and moved back home she’s determined to make Luc hers. I think I might be able to make her dreams come true!

(Don’t go making trouble Abigail, Zoe is a sweet child but she’s too young for me. Umm Luc she’s 22? Let it be Abigail. Ok, Luc, I let it go for now.)

I am not sure why Luc doesn’t recognize Zoe as his mate. I know her smell must be driving him crazy she smells just like fresh candy apples. (Always Abigail are you serious!! Am I Luc’s mate? Well…. Um….. ABIGAIL! No need to shout Luc, I can hear just fine. Abigail if you don’t I am calling Jack. Ok, Luc, geez you don’t have to be a tattle tale! As for you Zoe, your mate will come for you when learns some common sense!)

I see Iszabella “Bella” Coleman I think I’ll sit with her. (Always Abigail, I heard you were in town. How are you? I am fine Bella. Here comes Dawson, the waiter I’ll have a steak, well done, baked potato, Caesar salad and a slice of strawberry cheesecake for dessert.)

Bella is the local doctor. She grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to Centralia about 6 years ago to take care of her grandmother. (Always Abigail, how long are in you town? Just for the weekend Bella. How is your grandmother? She’s fine, thanks for asking. Bella is that Conrad Marlowe sitting over there? He looks yummy. I think it’s time you leave Always Abigail before you cause trouble).

*sigh* “Luc dinner was delicious as always” “Good bye Abigail”. Since I did not get my dessert I think I’ll head on over to the ice cream shop. Centralia Village is one of the only towns in Vermont that still has a fully functional ice cream shop with a soda jerk.

Coopers Soda Fountain is spectacular. It’s decorated in red and white, with marble floors and booth seats. The walls are plastered with the outdated coca cola memorabilia. Customers can sit at the counter and watch as Chuck Taylor make root beer floats or banana splits. The best thing about Coopers is the juke box that plays the golden oldies from the 1990s and 2000’s.

I see Daisy Newmont I think I’ll sit at the counter with her and listen to the jukebox. Chuck I’ll have a Root beer float, please!

Daisy is a reporter for the local newspaper the Green Mountain Review. Sweet girl Daisy always wears yellow and a daisy on her shirts with an embroidered “D”. She graduated from Green Mountain Community College a couple of years ago. Daisy lives on the out skirts of Centralia with her twin sisters Trudy and Tricia.

(Always Abigail, I would love to interview you for the paper. I hear you’re stirring up trouble all over town. No, I am not Daisy. Speaking of trouble how is Trevor Maldonado? Go to hell Always Abigail Chuck cancel my order I am leaving!)
Chuck, make that to go. I think I’ll just sip on my float as I walk over to the Centralia Dinner Theater.

The Dinner Theater is owed by the Magnolias. Most residents come by on Saturday night to watch the local community theater put on plays or musicals. I see Malory Sampson talking to Zackary Birch. I think I’ll speak to them since they are fated mates…… I hear my starlight phone. I better take it might be important.

(Hello, Hi Jack, No, I am not causing trouble. I am just enjoying the village. Breakfast, yes I would love to have breakfast Jack.)

Where was I? Looks like everyone has run off…..Oh, well I think I’ll head back to the B&B and get some sleep…

*somewhere in the village* Jack, Abigail has to be stopped she is causing problems all over town. I have received 100 phone calls about her medaling or interfering. She has to be stopped Jack or should I say Prince Wolfgang………..

Always Abigail

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