Friday, May 14, 2010

Always Abigail creates a Village, Calms Her Heroine?

Centralia is a beautiful Village in Vermont or it was before the granite mines blew up. Centralia Village is the third largest city after Burlington and South Burlington. It is located deep in the Green Mountains. The Village is one of the oldest in Vermont having been established in 1790.

The families that stayed after the explosion are some of the kindest folks you will ever know.

Take Ebb Forest, who owns the supermarket chain Forest Foods. Ebb's a strange sort of fella so is his whole family especialy his half-brother Jack Wolfgang.

A little know fact around these parts is that Jack owns a chain of strip clubs called Knockers. Ebb told me once his great-great-grand pa owned the general store back in the early 2000 when the mines blew. Ebb’s family gave food away to the families of the miners when the tragedy struck.

People round here are like that willing to help out when they can. Like Sallie Meadow, the local dance teacher she‘s a former show girl from New York. She gives out free dance lessons to the young girls who can't afford it. Yep, Centralia is a beautiful small town with many secrets. Take Bryn Magnolias the local florist she use to date Ebb Lawson until……..

(Abigail I thought this story was about me and my mate not about the residence of Centralia. Jack! *rolling eyes*)

I love my Village of Centralia. I always thought I was a New England kind of girl. The picket fences beautiful fall yard decorations. Idyllic is the only word that describes this town. Centralia Village, Vermont is fairly large with about 20,000 residents most are business owners who come to Centralia from around the world to get away from their daily lives. One of the towns favorite residents is Sabrina Laurence the town librarian.

Sabrina my heroine is smart, beautiful, and a librarian, did I tell ya she hates her mate. Jack is to domineering, arrogant, she tells me. I keep telling her Jack is her guy. (Almost Abigail, come on I need another mate who does not own a chain of strip joints. Trust me Sabrina, Jack is your mate). Add Image

Sabrina as I was saying is beautiful and brilliant. She is a long time Centralia resident. She graduated Centralia High, went to Harvard (Always Abigail what is it with you and Harvard, I actually went to Sarah Lawrence. I know Sabrina but I love Harvard). Sabrina went to Sarah Lawrence. Her parents Mike and Trudy Laurence are childhood sweethearts who doted on their youngest of 4 and only daughter.

One has to wonder how Jack is going to react when Sabrina's older brothers find out she’s his mate…... (Always I forgot about my brothers they will change your mind *smirks*)

I love writing the characters take on a life of their own.........
Always Abigail

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