Thursday, May 13, 2010

Always Abigail Writing, Songs, Ego?

About that writing thing...............
Yesterday my story was finally beginning to flow or so I thought. Jacob who now wants to be called Jack is doing nothing but complaining .
Jack Wolfgang is not happy with me he hates his mate she is everything he does not want in a mate. A nice quiet librarian. Jack wants a hot girl, a stripper. I keep telling him it's not gonna happen. Jacks fated mate is................(I know u want a stripper Jack I have heard you loud and clear. Are you speaking to me again? Of course I want you to be happy Jack. Trust me Jack you are going to love your mate. Yes, I know her name. Ummm, well she's not happy with your rejection and she does not want me to tell you her name). No Jack she does not have a stripper name like Delicious *SMH*)
Where was I? oh, yeah Jack's mate name is (Always Abigail, I forbade you to tell that oath my name! What? He's an oath who hangs out at strip clubs for 200 years looking for his mate.).....Sorry readers we are having some technical difficulties give me a moment to umm, speak with my heroine.
Look, Always Abigail, Woffie a/k/a Mr. Fang, and I can't be mates I would kill him! He is a arrogant asshole. Sabrina, Let me assure you once he meets you no stripper will ever compare. Always Abigail, I am not speaking to you until give me a better mate than Mr. Fang Woffie.
Look you two you are mates and you better get use to it. Sabrina, Woffie is a nice guy, Woffie, I mean Jack, Sabrina is beautiful and she is your perfect mate in every way.
See, I not a writer! I haven't figured out how to live with these two in my head. Jacob wants to be Jack and he wants a stripper. Sabrina, actually has a really cool middle name that Jack is going to love but she has forbade me to tell Jack. It is a hell of a thing to deal with.
How do I navigate this chaotic world. Music! It's also something that unites Woffie and Sabrina. Music *cue the music*!
My second muse is music it soothes my soul and along with great chocolate it makes writing fun.
Jack has a big ego(*cue Beyonce Ft Kanye West Ego*) and rightly so despite what Sabrina thinks living 200 years without your mate has been hard on Jack. Jack is a strong confident man who knows what he wants in his mate a straight up no holds bared vamp.
I keep wondering how the story will end. (I know your sorry Jack. No! I want tell you her middle name, Yes, it's the one she uses daily. Sabrina is her first name her parents thought it would be cute to give her a exotic middle name.) (Thanks, Always Abigail, I am sorry to but this is all Woffies fault).
Yep, this writing thing is kind of fun once the words start to flow the characters not so much.
Always Abigail

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