Monday, May 10, 2010

Always Abigail

Hi, I am Abigail-Madison Chase-Phils but you can call me Always Abigail. I am a 20 somthing (ok make that 40 and holding) mom of 2 who is some what nureotic.
Here are some facts about me.
I am 5'10 (ok I am a little over 5'0)
I am 36' 24 36' (so my measurements of not of importance)
I 28 (we allready covered this)
I am the mom of two (this is true Hunter & Shelby my Apha 3/1/95-12:20am and Omega 3/31/97 12:21pm).
How did I manage that who the hell knows but it is pretty cool!
I am a highly trained professional (ok, well I am a professional the highly trained part no so much)
I am a writer (ok a want to be writer).
Now that you know a little about me you can travel with me as I blog daily ok maybe not daily but surely weekly about lifes little pet pevs! I got a lot of them and if you got the time I can hold your ear and complain.
Always Abigail

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