Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Polar Bear Cafe

“Oh, Seamus you are going to make the perfect Santa. The kids are going to love jus love you.” Clapping her hands again Always Abigail left Seamus standing in the middle of the underground train station while she chatted with the other ladies about preparations for the Christmas party.

“Silver, you have to make your famous gingerbread cookies. I can come over and help decorate them.”

“Always Abigail, I think that you should be in charge of this event.” Silver shouted clapping louder than Always Abigail if that was at all possible.

Seamus frown as a shadow caught his eye. It was Sabrina. Standing next to the underground station office with a grin on her face Sabrina watched the women and Seamus. Waving at him she threw her head back with laughter.

Seamus grinned back at her promising retribution.

Seamus turned to Always Abigail and motioned for her to come closer.
“Always Abigail I think I have the perfect place for Santa to set up. We can use The Polar Bear Café. Sabrina has a beautiful tree already decorated and there is a nice big fireplace. I just saw Sabrina over by the depot office you might want to ask her.

Rushing over to the platform Always Abigail and her crew moved with lightening speed to where Sabrina was talking with friends.

“Sabrina, I have a favor to ask. Zach is ill and can’t play Santa this year. We were going to use

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