Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seamus O'Brian

Seamus stood at the window watching, waiting on Sabrina to come out again.

“Boss, I don’t think she’d going to like you staring at her place like that”.

Turning, his ice blue eyes towards Iles, Seamus smiled a wicked smile.

“She loves me man she just doesn’t realize it yet” Letting the curtain go Seamus moved from the window picking up his contact lens case.

“I am sure she does, boss. I am sure after she kicks your sorry ass again she’ll realize it.”

Iles was his second in command and also a friend since he joined the CIA. The two had gone through more booze and women then he wanted to count.

“Boss, I think the lady has made it clear she wants not part of you. I think we should leave and find a woman that does want you.”

Popping in his brown contacts, Seamus dismissed the conversation. Iles had been belly aching since they arrived and it wasn’t from lack of companionship. The women in town were head over heels for the six four warrior.

“Come on chocolate thunder” Seamus said smiling at the name the only women in town who’d not fallen under the spell Iles had case on all the others.

“Now boss that is just wrong. That woman is the devils sisters."

Courtney Benjamin was the only woman Seamus had ever met that did not fall in love with Iles. Courtney was six feet tall with shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes.

“Come on Iles the woman is beautiful.”

Frowning, Iles changed the subject back to Seamus.

“Come on Seamus, the woman runs every time you come around. I think you should keep searching. This woman is going to be a problem. She’ll never accept you.”

“Look Iles, she’ll come round once she sees my winning personality”.

Pulling on his cap and coat after making sure his contacts were in place. Seamus moved to the door.

“Where ya going boss?”

“To start charming my mate Iles.”

Slamming the door behind him. Seamus looked across the street and smiled.

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