Thursday, December 1, 2011

Storm of the Century

The storm of the century blew in with high winds and surging waves, pummeling the small town of Centralia.
The National Guard had ordered evacuations two days ago. Most of the residents had decided to stay except for a scattered few newcomers who’d lived in the town less than 3 years. They were not use to the weather and thought it best to leave rather than brave out the storm. Those who stayed were huddled in their homes praying the storm would leave as swiftly as it came in. State officials warned residents in harm's way to secure home heating fuel tanks in case sea water flooded into communities.
The howling winds sang out as the surging arctic waves came ashore threatening to erode the very ground the town sat on. If the town flood and evacuations became necessary everyone would use the underground subway system.
The weather had been fickled since the start of winter. The town had prayed that shore-fast ice would form before the storm started. It was not to be as the chill in air became came with sub-zero temperature that plunged the town into an ice age. 80 mph winds battered the town slowly with sure fire precision.
The boarded up windows on the buildings began to sway under the weight of the winds. The icy rain hit the sidewalks with stinging drops that shattered on impact.
The sirens at the west end of town began to go off as the full force of the storm came ashore. It was time.
Seamus stood watch out his bedroom window watching as the sky opened and sheets of ice came down. Looking out the window Sabrina watched, praying the shore-fast ice would form soon to protect the town. The windows were boarded up at the Polar Cafe, were holding as the icy rain turned to powder white snow. The Christmas tree in the corner twinkled as the lights all over town flickered.
The storm of the century had made landfall.

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