Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

“Seamus, I think it fits perfectly.” Always Abigail exclaimed as she all but poured him into the jacket. Seamus stood still as Always Abigail push, pulled and poked at the jacked.

“Seamus, I think you will make a fine Santa. All we need to do is stuff a few pillows under the jacket and we have our Santa.”

Seamus grimaced as Always Abigail called other ladies over to watch him model the Santa jacket. Murmuring as he stood in the middle of a circle of women Seamus wished he’d never left home this morning.

He’d awoke this morning to the sound of Iles screaming about women’s lib. The rest of his crew was about to go stir after being trapped for two days inside. Dressing they all decided to use the underground train system to go to local stores.

The underground train system was one of the things that he loved about the city. Winters were harsh, in Centralia often they lasted close to nine months. Because the town was located high in the Green Mountains the snow often made it impossible to travel the streets. The Town Founders had installed an underground train system when the town was established. Every house, store or building that was build had to have an entrance in their cellar. As the town had grown so had the train system, it now stretches to other cities on the mountain. The system allowed the town to function even when it was covered for months with snow.

When the local mall was built in the eighties the town council had insisted that apartments be build for residents to use if the winter was especially harsh.

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