Monday, December 5, 2011


Rubbing her aching shoulder, Sabrina refill her glass and threw another log on the fire. The shooting was becoming a distant memory except for the ache that would not go away. Sitting at the counter she rolled her neck as the stress of the memory still made her sad.

She’d been with the Secret Service six years back then and this was her first assignment as the agent in charge. A group of amateur counterfeiters were flooding the area with bogus $5.00 dollar bills. The locals had finally asked for help after the local bank was overrun with fake money. After two months of assessing the situation she’d realized the bank was ground zero in the counterfeit operation, one of the tellers was replacing fake bills for real money, so she went undercover as a teller.

She’d befriended the twenty year old female teller who she suspects as being part of the counterfeit operation. She’d soon realized the teller was being used rather than being actually part of counterfeit operation. Her final investigation revealed the president of the bank was ground zero in the operation.

The night they planned to take the counterfeiters down everything went wrong. The blame for the failed operation rested on the shoulders of the innocent teller’s brother Seamus O'Brian.

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