Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seamus O'Brian

Seamus watched the door to The Polar Bear in expectation of Sabrina coming back out and needing help with the plywood that keep blowing off the windows.

The little minx never shied away from work and refused to ask for help, he took that back, she refused to ask for his help. She was still pissed about his interruption of her mission. When he’d gotten the call from his father that something was going on in town and Siobhan had a strange new friend he immediately began to investigate. The terror he felt was overwhelming he was afraid his identity was broken and his family was in danger.

His father had sent him information he’d collected on Sabrina who was going by the name Mara Sullivan. After a background check through the CIA database he realized she did not exist except on paper with a few well placed references. To anyone but an agent, she was who and what she said she was, a recently divorced woman looking to start over.

Leaving his latest mission early, he got on his motorcycle and headed home. He’d arrived the day before Sabrina was shot and pumped his sister for information. After a little recon he thought he had the scam all figured out based on the information he garnered Sabrina and the bank president were counterfeiters using his baby sister to exchange fake bills at the bank.

It was only at the last minute when he arrived at the bank vie a window he’d jimmied that he heard the bank president give the order to kill Sabrina and his entire family. Thank goodness his team had come with him.

He’d left Iles and Cam at his parents’ home. The two would kill anyone that dared try and harm them. His sister Siobhan was in the bank with Sabrina unprotected. He and three of his men, Hart, Danger and Sabin were at the bank ready to rescue his sister. Now the plan changed they need to rescue the two women and neutralize the threat to his family.

Signaling his team outside he prepared to take down the bank president. It was only after he’d kicked the door in did he recognize one of the men standing outside the bank presidents door as Secret Service. It’s was too late to call his plan off as he stormed in determined to rescue the women.

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