Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa at The Polar Bear Express

The little minx was throwing daggers with her eyes. Smiling under the long beard, Seamus eerie eyes twinkled. Always Abigail had all but forced Sabrina to let her use The Polar Bear, after he’d made his suggestion.

She’d kill him for this. This was all his fault. She’d been amused as the women had circled him as he stood fuming dressed in the Santa suit. Just that fast he’d turned the tables or more effectively Always Abigail and her crew on her and now she was playing host to almost the entire town on Christmas Eve.

She’d planned to spend this evening sipping hot peppermint tea with her grandmother and Jasper while the tree wrapped presents. Instead she was stilling at her bar nursing eggnog as Seamus played Santa Claus. Raising her glass to him she hoped one of the little kids pissed on his knee.

“The boss is pissed to.” Sabrina turned to see Iles standing next to her with a wide grin on his face. Looking up at him Sabina watched as he signed Rafe the bartender for another cola.

“I am sure he is IIes. But it serves him right for turning Always Abigail on me.”
“He only did it to get close to you. If you’d just forgive him then he can move on and we can leave this place”.

Sabrina looked at IIes and grimaced. She wanted to explain to him that is was more to it than just forgiving IIes. She’d done that long ago. Seamus was a weakness she could not afford to indulge in. Before she could speak IIes was out of his seat headed towards Courtney Benjamin.

IIes and Courtney were sworn enemies are so the rumor mill aka Always Abigail said. But Sabrina had noticed the two watching each other when no one was watching.

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