Friday, December 2, 2011


Seamus watched as Sabrina’s hair tumbled in the wind as she opened the door to The Polar Café. Seamus unlatched the front door of his general store ready to assist her if needed. Rubbing his chin Seamus sighed as the former Secret Service agent took out a hammer and nailed the wood over her windows tighter.

Sabrina cursed as she nailed. She could feel Seamus O’Brian’s eyes on her back. The bastard was watching her as he always did. The former CIA operative was crafty. Hitting the nail one last time Sabrina left the wind propel her to the front door. Letting it slam shut after her she sat at the table closes to the door.

The wind howled louder as she sat and drank her cherry coke float and watched the fireplace flicker. She’s relocated to Centralia after being shot by counterfeiters in Atlanta. The sting had gone bad after a rouge CIA operative recognized her; she ended up with a bullet in her shoulder.

After six months of R&R she decided to tenure her resignation and start over. She’s spent more than a year bouncing around the country until her grandmother invited her to Centralia to run The Polar Bear. The invitation had been a good sent.
She’d been teaching at U of A when grandma Sara had tracked her down. She’d only said two words come home when they first spoke. After she’d ended her day she’d called her back worried she was ill. Instead she found her grandmother as she always had full of energy but needing a break from the café she and Sabrina’s grandfather had started years ago.

With the semester ending in a couple of weeks and unwilling to sign on for another semester, Sabrina notified the university of her decision and packed her bags for Centralia. The moment her little brown convertible cross the state line she knew she was home.

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