Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Meredith awoke with a very itchy arm. No matter what she tried it would not stop itching. Getting out of bed and heading to the door she was headed outside to stick her arm outside hoping it would stop itching.

Dam the women. She’d turned his whole life upside down since she’d moved in. Everyone in town was always whispering her praises. He was sick of it. The only person not in her corner was Always Abigail who never said a word either for or against Meredith. She came each day and read to her or took her shopping.

He was puzzled in the past if a beautiful woman would have taken up residence in his house she would have been all over him. This time his mother said nothing.
Looking up Zach watched as Meredith fretted with her cast. He’d seen her do it a time or two when she itched. The tears in her eyes said this time was the worst.

Getting up he called to her.

“Meredith, come here and let me see what I can do to help you with the itch.”

Meredith walked over to the couch in her flowered tap pants and cami given to her by Always Abigail with matching robe that was even shorter. Meredith sat down. This was the first time she’d worn the set. Always Abigail was always so much fun when Zach was not around. The two of them laughed and talked and had a great time.

That was until Zach showed up and Always Abigail shut down. She asked her about yesterday. Coy as ever Meredith realized that Always Abigail did not want Zach to know the two liked each other. Molly and Mrs. Maloney said it was because if she liked Meredith, Zach would just to be difficult. Always Abigail wanted Zach happy and Meredith made him happy! Though he pretended otherwise. He was happy that Meredith was in his life.

When he came home from work he always visited her and brought her somthing special. he shared his life with her in so many ways. In some ways he never realized that he was sharing.

Zach took her arm and bending a hanger he slide it down in her case and gently began to scratch. Slowly her arm began to feel better. The soft moan of satisfaction as Zach gave her encased arm a nice scrub lulled her to sleep.

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