Friday, December 3, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus

Meredith Matthews was lost. Looking across the street she saw the sheriff office. Looking both ways she prepared to cross the street.

“Are you lost little girl”

Turning slowly Meredith had to look up toward the sky to see the face the voice came from. The stranger was blocking out the sun. Moving around slowly Meredith’s breathe caught in her throat. Beautiful was the only word that came to mind.

Standing before her was a extremely tall god.

“I am looking for the Matthews place”

“Well, sweetie we need to find your mom and dad first then we can help ya’ll find the Matthews place”

Meredith held her temper. She was use to people mistaking her for a pre-teen. She was barely 5 feet tall and she was dressed like a 13 year old. Her pink hoodie and jeans with her hair in two big pigtails made her look like a kid. Wearing her retainer did not help either. But this time she wanted the tempting stranger to see her as a 35 year old woman instead of a kid.

“I am not a kid. I am a 35 and I will ask again can you direct or I will find it myself”

Looking down at her Zach looked at her from head to toe. Cocking his head to the left while crossing his arms Zach sighed”

“I don’t doubt you think your 35 but in realty you’re a kid who is lost. Tell me where your parents are and I will call them on my cell to come and get you. Otherwise I am taking you over to Sheriff Shannon’s office and she can find your parents”

That did it. She was furious. How dare he threaten to call her parents? Forgetting to look both ways again Meredith walked out into traffic and was almost killed.

Looking up to late Meredith saw a sleigh coming toward her. Turning quickly she fell flat on her face before Santa could run her over.

“Oh dear are you ok?”

Zach! I just saw Seth down by Coopers call his cell. Zach was moving toward her.

“Zach! Call Seth Seth! NOW!

Dazed and confused Meredith looked up and saw a beautiful angel dressed in pink. The woman seemed close to tears.

“I am fine I actually fell before your Sleigh hit me.” That seemed to calm the woman a little although she was touching her all over trying to make sure she had no broken bones.

“I am Always Abigail and I need you to be still until Dr. Seth gets here. What’s your name?”

“Meredith, Meredith Matthews. I am from Milwaukee. I am moving into my grandparent’s cottage house. “

“Meredith, O’ my goodness I almost did not recognize you. You look like a kid dressed like that”

“Always Abigail is she ok?”

“Yes Zach, she is. She fell before I ran her over. O dear the King Jacques is going to be mad with me if he finds out I almost killed Meredith.”

“Abs you have to be more careful King Jacques will be off with your head if he finds out you are running over teenagers. Teasing the women in pink Zach knelt down to check her for broken bones. The touch was so light Meredith almost moaned.

“Zach I am not Abs you insolent rogue. Besides that Meredith is not a kid she’s 35 years old.”

Stunned Zach took a second look.

Take that macho man. Smiling Meredith peaked out from under her eye lashes at Always Abigail.

She’s heard tons from Grandma Matthews about Always Abigail. According to her grandmother the women was a writer and a trouble maker who’s arrived in town a couple of years ago. Grandpa Matthews called her troublemaker who kept the men and women in Centralia on their toes when it came to love.

“You poor dear I see Seth coming now. Do you want to sit up. No I think you should lay down until he checks you over”

Turning her head left Meredith saw the sexiest men alive. If all the men in Centralia looked this good she would have to start wearing a bib.

“Seth, Abs’s here almost ran over the little girl! I think she might have falling while trying to get away. I was about to take her to the sheriff’s office to help find her parents when she tried to run. Then Abs here came barreling down the square in that chariot she calls a sleigh and ran the honey dip over.”

“Dr. Seth she is not a little girl. She’s just pixie short. Her name is Meredith and she is 35 she’s Mason Matthews’s granddaughter. Despite what Zach says he’s the one that almost got the Meredith run over with his insistence that she is a kid.”

Dr. Seth ignored them both as they started too bickered about whose fault the accident was. The sexy doctor examined Meredith and asked question.

Declaring her well enough to get up and continue to her grandparents Dr. Seth high tailed it from the scene before Always Abigail and Zach noticed.

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