Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Snuggling closer to Zach, Meredith watched as the snow began to slowly fall. In front of the B & B carolers dressed in period costumes sang. Centralia was a beautiful wonderland of snow and Christmas.

Zach looked over and smiled as Meredith enjoyed the carolers. This was the best afternoon he’d spent with a woman in a long time.

“We need to head back to the courthouse the snow storm is moving in. Soon the snow will be to thick to see. The tunnels are heated but in storm like this it’s’ possible the heat might not kick in till tomorrow.

The sleigh headed back to the courthouse as the two cuddled. Mr. Buchman tipped his hat and helped Meredith down. Thanking him Meredith and Zach hurried to the courthouse as the snow began to fall harder.

“Zach is Mr. Buchman going to be ok?” Meredith turned as asked looking back as Mr. Buchman disappeared in the falling snow.

“He lives across the street and his stable is in the back. He will be ok. You can call him if like once we get home.”

Zach liked that about Meredith. She was always concerned about the people she met in town. Going down the stairs they ride in silence to the stairs that lead to his house.

Coming in the house through the kitchen the house was warm and cozy.

“I think you should sleep live up stairs until this is over. This storm looks pretty bad. This area although it has lots of fireplaces is harder to keep heated. The upstairs is a lot smaller and easier.

“Let me get some of my things.”

“No, worries honey dip. I had Mrs. Maloney move your things before she left. The kitchen is fully stocked and there is enough wood for a year.”

“Ok, I am tired and ready to go to bed.”

Opening the door to the upstairs apartment Meredith’s breath caught as she saw a tree just like down stairs decorated and full of gifts. Running to the tree Meredith shook all the gifts like a kid.

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