Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have A Holly Jolly Chirstmas

The little minx was trouble. There she stood all 2 feet of her ratting him out to Jacques, his father. Why the heck was he too blame. What about Always Abigail’s part in the accident. “Honey Dip” seemed to forgive her rather easily. The little imp may have been 35 but she was trouble. He unlike the rest of them, was not fooled by her innocent act. She may look like a child but he got the feeling she keep shiat up just like Always Abigail.

Zach had to admit she was beautiful. Her skin looked like it had been double dipped in a jar of honey. Meredith a golden brown; her brown eyes were compliment by ringlets of black curls. Those oh to sexy dimples she sported only helped to add definition to the honey dips face. Her lips were lushes and bowed like an old movie star. The woman was gorgeous he supposed. If you could ever get over her tattle ways.

Catching his breathe as her hips swayed he knew she would be his down fall and the look on Jacques and Always Abigail’s face said it too. Looking at his mother and father he could not imagine how the two ever managed to stop arguing enough to have him. But somehow they did. Always Abigail refused to talk about it only saying Jacques was his father and she loved him (Jacques) long ago that was all that mattered. Talking to Jacques was like talking to a wall.

Unlike the two of them Sophia was a softie who throughout his youth managed to carrel him into doing things he never wanted to like dance lessons, piano lessons, and etiquette. He loved his mother and Sophie. He refused to call her step -mother because she was always a mother to him like his own.

He argued with Always Abigail because they were too much alike. He argued with Jacques because they were too much alike. He loved them both but for some reason he got a double dose of both their genes and that provided lots of entertainment. Watching under hooded eyes as Meredith went to get an x-ray he smiled. This should interesting he’d not been under his mothers roof since he went off to college. Though she always found a way to meddle in his affairs from near or far he got the feeling the little minx would change his life forever.

Looking around Seth’s office he realized he had nothing in the way of decorations. If he did not do something before he arrived home Always Abigail would have the place loaded with decorations that would take months to take down.

Slowly moving out of her range as she and Jacques argued. He called Tinsley Ames to come over and decorate in a tasteful manner. This would keep his mother and the minx from ganging up on him and making his place a winterwonder land of crappy Christmas decorations. He'd saw the way Meredith looked at the decoration with longing down town and now in Seth’s office. Shaking his head why should it matter what the honey dip thought. Ok, it mattered he wanted to impress her.

“Merry Christmas, Tinsley’s Decorating & More, Tinsley Ames Speaking”

“Tinsley, I need you to head over to my place and decorate it tastefully. PLEASE”

“Zach, what’s up? I never knew you to decorate.”

Exasperated, Zach listened as Tinsley chattered on and on about his being a Scrooge and the only house on the block not to decorate at Christmas. God and he almost married her after college. They be divorced by now or he would have been dead from being talked to death either way death would be the outcome. Pretty as she was the woman never shut up for one second!

“Tinsley, can you do this for me in the next 3 hours. I’d like some of the same decorations you used in the sheriff’s office and Seth’s. Tinsley I also want a white tree with lots of pink bulbs and can you hand paint me a Christmas angle the color of honey.”

The request was lame but he wanted the star to remind him of Meredith, his honey dip.

"I want the yard decorated too. Quicking on his part would save him from Always Abigail's crazy ideas."

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