Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Claus Needs Some Loving

King Jacques arrives as the Police Station

“You two are very lucky that young woman only injured her wrist. Sam is taking her over to the Dr. Seth’s office apparently you two caused the young lady to hurt her hand. I expect the two of you to cover her bills. I also have a decree for the both of you. The Matthews went out of town for an emergency of some sort. They tried to contact the young woman but failed they left word with Sheriff Shannon to be on the lookout for their granddaughter. You two know her, the woman you almost killed."

Jacques was furious. Always Abigail and Zach sat looking like they had both been whipped.

"The Matthews place is so far out from the outskirts that Sheriff Shannon feels she should not stay out there by herself. I have decided that both of you must atone for your bad behavior. I have decided to make a royal decree."

The King smiled one of those smiles people give you when they know your down and the fight is all gone out of you.

"Always Abigail lives at the B&B and Zach you have that nice big house that only you occupy. The young lady will be moving into your place while she recovers along with Always Abigail. The both of you will wait on her hand and foot until she recovers."

“Are you two speechless? Good. I suggest you both head over to the hospital and take care of this NOW! I headed over to offer the young woman my protection while she is here and inform her that her grandparents are out of town and you two have volunteered to care for her while they are gone.”

At the hospital

Sam the Giant was the sweetest man Meredith had ever met. The ride in his car was informative Sam was also the town gossip. He took the time to point out all the relevant places in town and all the people she should know.

Dr. Seth’s office was on the outskirts. The building was neon blue and as Sam explained it was that way just in case someone got lost in the winter snow they could see the place. The driveway was painted a bright orange. It was also lined with reflectors and an underground heating system to melt the snow as soon as it hit the ground.

Same told me that winter usually lasted until June and the first snow happened as early as the end of August. According to Sam most of the building on the Outskirts and in town had a protective measure to ensure they were easy to find if someone got lost in the snow.

Dr. Seth’s office was decorated for Christmas. The top of building had a display of Santa and his reindeer taking off. The building was decorated in twinkling blue and red lights. The yard had lots of angels and a choir singing. There also a cut out of Dr. Seth decorated in lights with his staff of nurses.

I smiled as I looked at the magic of Christmas. It had been a long time since I’d seen displays like this. Sam the Giant led the way to the front door. When he opened the door it was like the sheriff’s office all over again.

The Christmas music was waffling through the air. There was a giant fireplace decorated in blue and red lights with garland and a beautiful angel sitting in the middle. Sam explained that because of the possibility of the electricity going out. Every business and home in Centralia had to be built with fireplaces. The city regulations stated that each home must have at least 3 fireplaces to ensure residents had a source of heat.

A smiling young woman whose name tag read Ainsley greeted them at the door.
“Sam called ahead. I’ll take you to x-ray that wrist Ms. Matthews.”

Ainsley was leading me to the back when the doors to the office were flung open.”

It was Always Abigail and Zach along with the man called Jacques.

“You poor dear I am so sorry that that rogue Zach got you hurt. I am here now and I am going to take care of you.”

“Abs and I both are going to take care of you.” Zach gave Always Abigail a nudge that did not go unmissed by Jacques who made a sort of growling sound.
Looking at them both with suspicion I could not image the bickering pair caring for anyone.

“Let me introduce myself young lady, I am Jacques the um, I am Jacques and I would like to welcome you to our fair city. I would like to apologize on behalf of the whole town for the actions of these two. My son Zach and Always Abigail, the two have been as gracious as to volunteer to take care of you as you recover."

I looked closer and the resemblance was there. Zach was a younger version of his father.

“Thank you, Mr. Jacques. I don’t know what to say. The accident was not anyone’s fault except maybe Zach.” I said looking over at the first giant I met in Centralia.

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