Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Christmas Will Be A Very Special Christmas

Stepping into the room Zach realized Meredith was high on pain meds. The only eyes she was making at Seth were sleepy. Giving Seth a possessive look he asks Seth if she was finished. Nodding yes Seth spoke.

“Zach, I’ll need to see her again in a week. I called Daisy at the pharmacy to get her pain meds ready. You can pick them up in about an hour. Make sure she eats when she takes them. She is not to move that hand at all until she comes back here next week. “

Using the remote start he actived ignition and the heated seats also. Before going out in the cold Ainsley met him at the door with a thick coat that was keep with others for people who got caught in the snow. Looking out the office window it had began to snow.

Carrying Meredith to his car Zach buckled her seat belt then headed off home. He would send Mrs. Maloney out to get her prescriptions as soon as they arrived at his house. Jacques texted him earlier to inform him he would need to atone sooner than later for treating an elder with such disrespect.

Elderly Mrs. Maloney was barely 10 years older than Zach. True be told she was only called Mrs. Maloney because she was such a mother hen all through high school and the name stuck. Mrs. Maloney was actually a 52 year old beauty who broke hearts all over Centralia. The sound of the Brandy ringtone identified Always Abigail as the caller. Why his mother was calling him was anybodies guess.

“Yes Abs”

“Zachery, I just called to see if Meredith is ok. I called and Ainsley refused to give me any information citing some legal reason.” On she went talking and never stopping. Pulling into the drive way Zach listened as his mother talked and talked.

“Mother, Meredith is fine she goes back to see Seth in a week. I called Molly to get everything in place before we made it home. Mrs. Maloney is going to come daily and I plan to stay home and see to her care. Now if you’ll let me go I’ll take my guest into the house and put her to bed.”
“I almost forgot. You have to order her some clothes Zach. I had Abram bring her car to the B&B and the poor dear has no clothes appropriate for the winter weather in Centralia. I called Dusty at her shop and gave her Meredith’s sizes. You have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9am to pick some things out. If you like I can meet and we can shop together.”

Again his mother was rattling on an on. There was no way in hell he was shopping for a woman with his mother. He would rather die first.

“Abs I think it would be best if you came over and helped Mrs. Maloney and visit with Meredith. Why not bring her one of your books and read to her. I am sure she will love it.”

“That sounds like a good idea. I wonder which one I should take.” Hanging up the phone Zach was sure his mother never noticed or if she did she would call at 3 in the morning to see what happened.

Looking up he saw Mrs. Maloney standing in the door with skin tight jeans and a mid-ruff shirt with stilettos. The look on her said there would be hell to pay.
Walking around to the passenger side Zach took care removing Meredith. Slowly making his way to the door he noticed the yard was beautifully trimmed with lights and a tasteful sleigh sat in the middle of his yard with Santa and his reindeer about to take off.

Arriving at the door he encountered a beautiful wreath with hits of pink a dragon fly with a stocking in the middle filled with toys. Walking in the house he’d need to call and thank Tinsley and the decorators for coming out on such short notice and getting the place ready. The large fireplace was beautiful with garland and white lights. In the corner next to the window seat was a 8ft Christmas tree adorned in pink bows with dragons flies and if he did not miss his guess little honey colored dolls in dressed in pink were all over. On top was a honey colored angel. The trees skirt was pink and white. There were even presents under the tree.

“Which bedroom”

“Bottom left”

This was the room that he had decorated for his mother years ago. Always Abigail was always a free spirit. She loved to stay at the B&B saying she needed her space.

Pushing the door open he gasped. The room had transformed into a girls room. Looking around he suspected his mother was to blame along with Molly and Mrs. Maloney. The comforter on the bed was red flowered with a ruffed skirt, the curtains matched the comforter. A rocking chair was next to the bed with red cushions. The night stands had every imaginable gadget one would need to be comfortable. The TV was concealed in a large armoire in the corner with a plant of some sort on top. There was a magazine stand next to the rocking chair with the lasts magazines.

Putting Meredith on the turned down bed he pulled the covers over her and left the room.

“Is that the poor girl you almost killed?”

“Mrs. Maloney, I did not almost kill anyone.”

“That’s not what I heard from Always Abigail.” He should have known. His mother had a flair for the dramatic.

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