Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This Christmas

Confused Meredith headed to the bedroom for a shower and help getting ready for bed. Mrs. Maloney who was not really old and Molly gave her the heads up on Zach.

Zach was 42, divorced for 5 years married for exactly 5 year, no kids, neither thought he still loved Shannon the ex who now lived in Paris and remarried to a renowned sculpture. Zach owned Reeds Barbershop which Meredith was familiar with since it was a nationwide chain shop.

Zach was an excellent catch for the right woman.
“So, tell us about yourself.”

Meredith looked the women who if she did not say anything looked as though they would be hurt.

“I am 35, never been married, engaged once, he’s now happily married and I am his kids godmother, the break up was on my part. I woke one day and realized he was not my soul mate. That was 10 years ago. No serious relationship since. No kids, yes, I want them one day. I graduated from U of M. I am here to stay with my grandparents and open a Candy Business called the Chocolate Lady.

The ladies both looked at her and smiled. This was the woman for Zach.

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