Monday, December 13, 2010

Give Love At Christmas

Sitting next to Meredith Zach prepared to feed her. Nervous he slowly spooned the stew into her mouth as the twins, Molly and Mrs. Maloney ate watching as Zach made sure Meredith ate.

Wiping her mouth as she finished Zach helped her up. Molly Mrs. Maloney then took over escorting her back to the bedroom to prepare for bed. Watching he sway her hips as she walked away Zach smiled.

Meredith and he had exchanged less than 50 words but he was smitten. Turning the twinkling lights out the picked up the picture of his first wife Shannon up and took a long look. Shannon and he were married for 5 years and had been divorced for just as long. She’d been the love of his life until she came home one day asked him for a divorce moved out that night she now lived in Paris.

Zach always thought they were happy. In the five years since the divorce he realized he was happy Shannon was not. The day the divorce became final he made up his mind never to love or marry again. Until tonight it was working. Now he was not so sure. One tiny woman was turning his world upside down and he could not be sure he did not like it.

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