Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas Baby


There was so much he wanted to share with Meredith before she left his care. Taking out his phone he text the others to let them know he would be delayed. The text he got back gave him the break he need. The repairs to the B&B only took a few seconds everyone was leaving.

Zach sat and made a few more phone calls to arrange things for the afternoon. Opening the large hand carved doors he looked around for Meredith.

“The B&B is finished. I thought Meredith might like a sleigh ride around town before we are snowed in for until Christmas.”

Meredith was eating bacon almost jumped out her seat she was so excited about seeing the town.

“Give me a sec and I’ll get dressed.”

“Take your time we’ll use the tunnels to go to the courtyard. Besides I ordered some warm clothes and they should be here soon.”

Mrs. Maloney smiled as she watched Meredith hug Zach. The two belonged together but if she was right Zach would take a long time to reel in. Every time it seemed he was making progress and move forward. He moved two steps back.

Watching the two Mrs. Maloney was betting her chips on Meredith. It may take some time but in the end Meredith would end up her man,

“Mrs. Maloney, you are invited two if you like.”

“I don’t think so; I am headed home to enjoy my fireplace.”

“Knock, Knock.” Walking through the door, Always Abigail with a large dress bag.

“I brought this just for Meredith. I think she will love it.”

“Thanks Always Abigail. Will you and Mrs. Maloney help me shower and dress.”

“I am Zach want mind doing the dishes.”

“Of course I will mother.” Smiling Zack saw the frown that crossed his mother as Meredith bellowed for her to come and helper. He was more than happy that his mother was keeping her nose out of his love life.

The dressing was something a beautiful fairy should wear. Twirling Meredith was stunned at how beautiful she was.

The floor length dress and matching coat looked like something out of a 1940’s movie. The dress was sapphire and body fitting. The wool a matching coat flared out at the bottom. On the lapel there was a beautiful peacock broach. The high neck gave

Meredith and elongated appearance. The beautiful matching muff had a hand stitched peacock. All together the entire ensemble gave her a classic look movie star look.

Coming through the door Zach stopped in his tracks. Meredith was always beautiful in his eyes. But now she looked like a snow princess.

“Meredith are you ready the tunnels are ready for us.


Through the tunnels was pretty quick on the underground train. Climbing up the stairs it took only a second for the two to make their way to the courthouse. The stairs that lead up to the first floor was old and beautiful.

The entire first floor of the courthouse was glass. Meredith walked over and looked out. The entire courtyard was beautiful. There was snow everywhere. It was a winter wonderland. The houses and tree lined streets glowed with Christmas lights and decorations. The over cast sky gave the place an eerie wonderland look. The town of Centralia was like something out of a miniature Dickens novel.

“Come Meredith let me show you my Centralia before the next storm comes in. Looking out the window Meredith saw a beautiful Christmas sleigh along with garland sleigh bleeds and Clydesdale horses.

Rushing out the door Meredith smiled as a man dressed as a character out of Dickens helped her on the sleigh. Covering her with the blanket that was hot Zach told the driver to go.

“The blanket has its own energy packet that should last until we make out first stop. We will exchange them along the way for warmer blankets. You should stay warm."

The town looked deserted except if you looked close most of the stores and building were full of people who used the underground tunnels to move around.

Snuggling closer to Zach Meredith was happier than she’d ever been.

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