Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dashing Thru the Snow

The cold air blasted crept in the room as Meredith and Zach slept. The snow fell study all night as they slept.

Zach kept putting the logs on the fire to combat the cold. Around midnight the call came through this would be the worst storm of the last days of the first half of the new millennium.

Soon the cold would drive the two to share the warmth of the same bed.

Snuggling closer the two slept the night away.

In the courtyard

Zach smiled as he remembered that night 4 years ago. Walking down the stairs it took him 4 years to realize what he knew that night his future and destiny lay in the hands of the beautiful woman twirling in the snow.

The day she left the house he nearly went crazy form boredom. It was then he began to court her. It took 4 years for this night to happen.

Zach tapped his pocket he was prepared to ask Meredith to marry him.

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