Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Mrs. Maloney and her long red nails were waiting on Zach as he walked back into the living room. Hands on her hips the look on her face said it all. Who is she, is she the one you did all this decorating for.

“Mrs. Maloney tomorrow ok, not tonight.”

“Ok, Zach, have it your way.” Moving to the kitchen Mrs. Maloney checked on the delicious strew that was cooking along with the mouth watering sour dough bread. Shooting daggers from the kitchen Mrs. Maloney raced across the floor as the door bell rang.

Zach sighed hoping that it was not his mother coming over to drive him nuts. Where had the time went. Looking at the clock it was close to midnight. With all the work donen and all he’d asked of Molly he could not imagine who would be at his door this time of night.

“Mrs. Maloney” the twins Derrick and Erik ran into the kitchen and began to play tag. God could two kids play tag as much as these two without ever getting tired of it. Next through the door was Molly dressed in bunny slippers thick socks and a bright red jacket.

“Boy’s you need to get out of your coats” The tow headed twins ran for Molly dropping their jackets alone the way. By the time they reached the door they each had on one shoe.

“Pick it all up NOW’. The boys scrambled quickly then headed back to the kitchen and Mrs. Maloney. Zach was thankful Molly’s house was so filled with Christmas stuff they would never notice his. Winking from the kitchen door Mrs. Maloney would keep the boys busy enough they would never see or pay attention to the decorations.

“So, Zach who is she. According to Abs you almost killed her and Jacques mandated you take care of her. I asked Abs if she was beautiful and she said she was not your type”.

This had to be a first. Ever since he turned 30 his mother had throw women at him. This proved what he suspected; the fates were working on him.

“Molly, she’s the woman that I am caring for.”

“What does she look like?”

“Like a kid. She had long dark hair, her skin is the color of double dipped honey and she as two cute little dimples on her face and a button nose.” Smile Zach could see her face in front of him.
“Look Molly I want to thank you for all you did tonight the place is fantastic. I am not discussing Meredith with you.”

Turning at the sound of a door opening Meredith came out of the bedroom. Looking up Zach’s breath caught in his throat. She was beautiful like an gel in a pink hoodie. Her long ringlets had lost their curls; her face was clean and beautiful. She looked like a woman instead of a child.

“I am hungry” the words were all of a whisper” awe struck whatever Zach was about to say was lost.

Coming out the kitchen Mrs. Maloney and the twins stopped. Meredith with the glow of the soft bulbs from the bedroom looked like a tiny fairy

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